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Hello All,

I am new to Warrior Forum and was wondering if this is a good place to collaborate with like-minded business partners?

I am a fairly established businessman in India and one of my business provides Marketing, Administrative, Consulting and Sourcing services to companies in USA and UK. In my 9 years of business I have successfully helped many in building their online presence and sales through online marketing, channel sales and distributor network.

I am now thinking if I can do it for others for a fee, I might as well do it for myself. For the purpose I need a partner in the USA. One, who is trustworthy, understands business ethics and has a realistic yet competitive approach.

Quite a few I have come across in the past one week of my searching has landed me with people who expects me to just launch a website and almost immediately bring in profits with "0" investments on their part, such that they can leave their day jobs and have no idea of work ethics nor how a business operates.

I am NOT looking for investment partners but just like minded, educated and informed people to work with me towards a long term goal of establishing a company and a brand.

If this is not the best place for the above purpose, would appreciate some recommendations from experienced warriors.

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