How do I submit eBay listings to appear in Google search results? Is it free?

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If anyone can help that would be great! I'm not talking about having an eBay store. I'm just talking about submitting one item...
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    Ebay does this for you automatically in many instances.

    If you have a listing that is surrounding a product that people are searching for in Google, and your listing is one of the only ones on Ebay (or if you are a Top Seller, I'm not sure exactly how the algorithm works) Ebay will advertise you for FREE with Adwords.

    Instant first page ranking.

    Again, I don't know all of the specifics, I just know that when I've searched my own products that I had a listing for on eBay, that I have seen MY listing advertised with Adwords by eBay itself.

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    Yes, Alex is right- Ebay does a lot of the marketing for you. If you want to go the extra mile (particularly if it's a high-ticket item or you plan on using the ebay listing as a tool to later build a list of loyal customers), you can add your listing to sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google + , Youtube etc... this will give you all the more chances of getting your listing ranked in Google and SEEN by a lot more people! Good luck!
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    Also don't forget to optimize your title with popular keywords.
    This will give you more exposure both in ebay and google
    The tool for ebay keyword research is Title Builder - Free eBay Title Generator Tool
    Good luck!
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