Giving dollars for affiliate prizes on your launch... with requirements Good or Bad?

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I'm on the process of creating a JV affiliate attraction page now (finally woohoo!) and I'm currently thinking of a way to give back to my affiliates who will help me on my launch..

The only problem is I don't have any/just small budget for that and the only way I can think of is to have a qualification such as:

- minimum 150 Front End
- minimum 50 Front End Sales
etc or
first to get to 150 sales.. (just like other people are doing)

By doing that the prizes I will be able to cover the expense through the net profit of their sales..

My question is will it be okay for affiliates to get prizes with minimum requirements? (in an JV attraction point of view) or I rather not put a JV prize at all, just a promise to resonate and help them with their future launch will be okay?

I got the impression that Super Affiliates really earns a lot of money and they are now on the stage where they don't care $50 - $500 prizes(might just insult them?) and they know that they are worth more than that.. and they will prefer to have simple "hand shake" to support them as well..

This is going to be my first launch and I'm really putting in a lot of worked on it to build credibility, make sure everything will be at least go as planned..

So I can really use some help on ideas.. Super Affiliates, any thoughts on this?
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    Hey, if you look at all the other affiliate/jv contests, you will see that most of them have specified, that in order to qualify for the prize they need to have a minimum xx number of sales. so it's ok to do this.
    Do the math, see how much you can afford to pay.. and do it.
    Also, since it's your first launch, i don't think that any big Super affiliates will join your launch from the start.. maybe once you launch it, and if you have great EPC..maybe will join.
    Good luck!
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      Just really echoing what William said! Again, this is your first launch and personally I wouldn't worry about the JV prizes so much. Just make sure that you're releasing a quality product that people are going to talk about.
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        As a super affiliate , i don't think about prize ,i always think about the product quality , if your product has real market potential and really a good asset for my subscribers ,i will give it a try.

        If you are able to clearly explain why i should buy your product ,i can help you.


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    Thanks everyone for replying.. It really gave me an idea on what Affiliates are thinking..

    Although I don't really like the idea of stereotype of "First time product launch", my impression with this one based on your answers is:

    - Poor Sales Funnel
    - Poor Product
    - Poor Support

    I can't really blame others for that since promoting for a product means putting their names and credibility and if it something that is not really good then they are putting risk of destroying the relationships with their list.

    As I have said I have put a lot of worked on this one, meaning I've done my research, testing, very good quality product etc..

    Probably it's a fact that this would be my first time to launch.. and most affiliates will stereotype this one (I guess it will not matter if it is first time, second time, third time if the product you are launching is crap)

    Lets just say that the product is really good and brings "REAL" value and I have a really good and tested sales funnel.would it matter on the kind of "JV Prizes" i'll be giving to the affiliates?
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    I am also agreed with William because he said an eye catching point that this is your first launch no one knows how is your product that's why forget about Super Affiliate but you can offer a prize in your budget.
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