My Plan for Success .Wish Me Good Luck

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Hey guys
Whoever is reading this
To Whom It May concern
I will never stop trying to succeed ,I have started this challenge 2 times before
with little to no results

Will this mean I will never do it again ?

Never ,I am doing it again Today is Saturday 8 February 2014 - 11:00 am ( GMT+2 ) Egypt

I am starting this challenge again I plan on making it for 30 days
Target : Making my 1st $1000 in 30 days

My Suggested Plan:

1- I already decided on my niche ( Self Help ,exactly achieving goals using the law of attraction )
2- I choosed a front end product ( the new version of 6 min to success of Bob Proctor ) no back end one yet
3- I wrote 4 mails for 3 days in my autoresponder series - adding value - telling story and promoting the thing

4- I setup my squeeze page |( that looks like what you make with professional tools like lead pages ) using a free tool .
5- I give away free small 14 pages report on my own ideas and unique philosophy to apply ti Law of attraction in life
6- I got basic hosting plan from Bluehost and free trial Getreponse account

My Plan for getting traffic :

I will focus mainly now on free traffic I know it is not the best to start with ,but I dont have enough money now as I spent what I have now on hosting so I will do this :

Every other day of the week I will :

1- Write simple and useful post on my blog ,I will use youtube video within it to make it more engaging
2-Repurpose this one post in many ways ( Kim Roach has incredible posts on her blog on syndicating content ,she goes on telling hundreds on places to make use of the same one article or any peice of content you create to leverage your traffic
3- I will then convert this one article to audio and submit it to audio directories ( again Kim Roach tell you where to post or you just can google where to post my podcast

4- I will turn it to video and submit it to youtube and other video sharing sites
5- convert it to presentation and pdf and submit it to docs sharing sites like slide share
6- I will identify 10 traffic getting forums in my niche and become a regular contributer every day

7- I have 2 or 3 FB pages that have a sum of about 2000 fans I will post my squeeze page on these pages along with useful and inspirational quotes

8- Twiiter : I already set FB to post to my twitter account ,thus I don't care about posting on twitter ,I only follow from 20 - 50 person on twitter in hope some of them will follow me back to gain some initial following ,I will use $50 twitter ad credit I got for free with my bluehost plan to get more followers and more posts reach

9- I will comment on others related

The other 3 days I will do the same of all but instead of writing one post for my own blog I will try to reach out other blogs for guest posts

Any ideas on this plan ,you think it will work ,or have any advises to make it work better ?
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    Good luck, it would be great if you kept everyone informed of your progress here as well!

    All the best.

    Jon Crimes
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      Originally Posted by Jon Crimes View Post

      Good luck, it would be great if you kept everyone informed of your progress here as well!

      All the best.

      Jon Crimes
      I will try man
      if I have major advancement
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        Good job on getting the plan out on here. Accountability is crucial.

        A tip...

        If you're writing to an English speaking audience (which might not be the case) then ask someone who speaks English as a first language to read over your squeeze page, emails, etc.

        You don't want to lose credibility with a poor writing ability.

        But if you're writing to an Egyptian audience, I'm sure you'll do fine.

        Let us know how it goes!
        Signature :)

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    The good thing I like in you is your dedication to succeed. Its very important to have dedication and inspiration in life (very important factors for success)

    Good Luck with your plan.
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    Sounds like a good and well-thought plan. It only shows how serious you are in achieving your goals. Never give up. Stay focused and committed to your goal/s. Continue to learn new things that will help you achieve your goal. Stay positive. At the end of the day, it's all about your determination and persistence.

    Please update us on this 30-day challenge.

    Good luck and More power!
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    Wish you GOOD LUCK dear ........
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    Hey no tracking? this one is very important as you can pin point which area of your funnel needs improvement..

    relate a different link on each campaign you do.. for example different tracking for Youtube

    Different link for directory..

    By doing this you will know which one is really producing result.. then stop wasting your time to those who is not converting..

    just my .02cents
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    Good luck friend. Don't forget social bookmarking.
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    First, I wish you big online success!
    However I think that you wait some results after one month from now, it is a little bit difficult because you will focus on just seo efforts during this month. you can`t expect any money in the first 3 month with free traffic methods

    And my point of view here is that you can take this same month on just setting and uploading at least 20-30 quality content on you blog to get it ready for seo traffic.

    My advice here, it`s worth to focus on building your seo friendly website. I`m not telling you about your blog theme, it does not matter for a while. But i`d like to draw your best attention for the importance of on page seo before doing any thing with off page seo.
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    Sounds like a very good plan and you show great interest and dedication. Don't give up to easily but be consistent and you'll soon see results.

    Originally Posted by solomprince View Post

    1- I already decided on my niche ( Self Help ,exactly achieving goals using the law of attraction )
    Great. self help is a billion dollar market, plus the law of attraction is very profitable too.
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    Good luck! Sounds like your 1rst 1k.
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    This looks like a good plan and no doubt will work for you.
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    Great to see that you've developed a multi channel strategy for promoting your site. Using one limited form of SEO doesn't help, it has to be multi channel. Wishing you lots of success
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    You have a good plan i wish you best of luck!
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    Originally Posted by solomprince View Post

    Hey guys

    My Plan for getting traffic :

    6- I will identify 10 traffic getting forums in my niche and become a regular contributer every day
    Wow...Great Plan! Very Detailed. I like the idea of forum posting for traffic. I know this isn't the most popular method these days but I think you are killing 2 birds with one stone by getting hopefully some immediate traffic but also putting your name out there as an authority in this field. This can hopefully translate down the line into additional traffic and marketing opportunities - although most probably not in the 30 day time frame you have set. But I still think it is a great technique.

    Good Luck and Keep us Updated.
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    Your attention to each method and overall dedication is what will gain your Success. Keep that in mind during the long periods of waiting. I wish you the best and keep us updated!
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