I Don't Have A Marketing Plan

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After being bombarded with junkload of information online, I've slightly lost focus. It's not the information to be blamed, but my idiotic attempt at trying to gulp every single bit of it.

I've at last concluded that I do not have a concrete plan (Whoa! What a discovery!). For eg, I and almost anyone who runs a website online knows how to bring traffic, build links etc etc. And there are "specialized products" for those stuffs. But I, personally, never knew how things fit together in the "big picture".

So, that brings us to the question. Is there any book or information that actually covers say, affiliate business plans? I don't want "the various possible ways you can do something". What I want is a flexible marketing plan (specially for affiliate marketers) that explains how things weave together.

Instead of the old "try and try till you succeed", I'd like to be guided to recognize milestones in my plans.

I believe other warriors might also benefit from the answers to the questions above.

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      In a nutshell, the overall plan for most marketers is:

      1. Find a niche
      2. Create an opt-in form/ squeeze page webpage
      3. Drive traffic to that page
      4. Get their email addresses
      5. Send them regular good content on that niche via autoresponder
      6. Occasionally pitch products to them
      7. repeat 5 and 6 whilst doing more of 3.

      Your plan for setting this up in the first place is to do 1 and 2, followed by setting up the autoresponder sequence and then do 3, 6 and 7.

      Good luck!

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    I bought software that creates business plans and marketing plans. I printed my plans out, but I keep changing them. Software would help you.
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