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Does traffic mean anything on expiring domains?

I have been looking at GoDaddy Auctions for expiring/expired domains. There are many available domains monthly traffic of 60,000+.

  1. Wouldn't one of these expiring domains with traffic in the tens of thousands be an ideal purchase to develop into an affiliate page targeting that URL niche?
  2. Wouldn't traffic be more important than PR or backlinks if the goal is to turn the domain into an affiliate page selling products targeting the niche of the URL?
  3. Can traffic be falsified for an expiring domain for sale?
Or does traffic go away once the domain expires.
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    In my case, I bought two domains expired that were in a Youtube video. I know the video belongs to somebody else but I just assumed the creator of the video has abandoned it. Maybe I was right and they are driving traffic consistently not much though. One video is number 2 in Google for a review of a software product. Clicks only. No sales yet. A month + since I bought them.

    * If it is a SE traffic, when the site expires, the traffic most likely dies b/c Google checks frequently the links to the site and if they lead no where, that devalues its rank. But if those domains drive traffic from Article sites or Youtube, the traffic continues. This is my opinion.
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      I bought an expired domain that supposedly had a killer alexa rating and over 600k hits a month. It is not getting the hits but I am listed at the top of search engines. One down side the domain had a bad reputation. So there are many hoops I must jump through to repair the reputation of said domain. When i try to sign up for services where the last owner signed up. some of the places won't even give me the time of day thinking I am the old owner.
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        In your opinion, if I am able to buy either an expiring or expired domain that has 50,000+ monthly traffic, then should I see some of that traffic visiting the site after I buy and optimize it?

        I'm thinking along the lines of buying a niche specific expiring domain like backhairremoval.com or baldcure.com (these domains hit close to home) showing current traffic of 10k+/month and then sell affiliate products.

        Your thoughts?
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