Domain is suspended because of unverifed contact details

by Adie
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This s a very strange problem. One of my domains was suspended by my registrar because according to them, I failed to verify the domain's contact details. Have you experienced this kind of problem?
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    No, because I verify mine whn they email me

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    Nope i have never heard of this before either
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    I get one of those emails every year. I just go to the registrar and update my info or just to verify that it is all correct.

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    Originally Posted by Adie View Post

    This s a very strange problem.
    Not strange at all. The registrar sends you a reminder, you go and verify your details a bobs your uncle your'e done...
    Did you forget?
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      Actually, it could be a domain you may not have been using that has something as simple as a contact phone number incorrectly formatted. This happened to me today when I was listing a domain to sell on Flippa. I logged into GoDaddy and quickly found the problem and corrected it. Then, I verified it. No big deal.

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    Its a new domain that I registered a week ago and used it. I already changed/verified the contact details and still waiting for the reactivation.

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    What registrar are you using? I've only heard of go daddy doing this in the past so please let us know who it is.
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    I have never experience this kinda issue. I assume you didn't verify your email address or you missed an email from your register.
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      There's a new ICANN agreement that registrars are beginning to switch to.

      After this is in place, when you make a change to a domain record, the registrar is supposed to verify your email address (and suspend if you don't verify after a period of time).

      Most registrars simply email you a link to click.

      Maybe you missed the email? Or put it in your spam folder?

      Make another change to the domain details and they wil probably send you another email.

      If that doesn't work, contact the registrar.
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    Yeah I never heard of this problem. Contact your register to find out the real reason
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