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Someone is selling a Christian credit counseling site on ebay, is that a niche?
How is Christian credit counseling better than just plain every day credit counseling?
Then there's the google ads all over the place about the Christian mom making 5K a week on google ads.
How about Jewish credit couseling, could I make that into a niche? Heck any religion can be turned into a niche. Maybe I've just found my niche.....
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    Christian anything is a HUGE niche so Christian credit counseling, Christian weight loss, etc... are all great and very popular sub-niches.


    Not entirely sure. I guess looking for Christian services the intent is for honesty and to say away from money grubbing people. However that easy to play off of and done all the time.

    But sure that could be your niche. In regards to Jewish credit counseling... you would have to do some keyword research and see if that is being searched at all... if so then that could be a possible niche.

    I hope that helped.

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    This sort of stuff makes me laugh - although it is sad.

    Quite a few marketers have realised that there are millions of people who are so religious - i.e. so afraid of not going to "heaven" - that they will do anything to "please God".

    From a marketing perspective it works, although how it works on eBay seems almost surreal.

    Don't get involved in stuff that messes with peoples emotions and in particular religions - it will bite you even if you do manage to make money.

    As I keep saying - customers are real people - treat them like you would want to be treated.

    People have plenty of genuine needs and will pay money for a solution. But again - make sure you treat them as people, not customers, and whatever you sell them make sure it is of the highest quality, and make sure you over deliver. Also make sure you follow up after the sale answering all emails etc.

    Religion is not a niche - you are messing with peoples beliefs and emotions which is a no go area.
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    I personally dont thing that is a niche...Does christian got anything to do with credit counseling?
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    I would definitely be interested in a Jewish credit counselling service
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    Maybe we can try to go into niche for credit councelling for Islamic.
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    I do think that it is a good niche to go with. There are so many niches that you can get started with it is UNbelieveble.

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      Religion might not be a niche per say, but products or services within a religion are definately a niche market - might be a BIG market. Why not? :confused:
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