Is this the REAL secret to internet marketing?

by JohnATX 17 replies
You're either good at it or you're not? True or False?

Some people believe that internet marketing is something you're naturally good at (at least being able to make a living with it) which basically means that most people that buy a product from you will never succeed when they try using it...IF they even make an attempt at it.

Then, there are some IM projects that make you some extra cash here and there which are projects that are easy for most people to do but not easily reproduced to the point at which you can earn a living from the money you're earning on the internet.

If you're successfully making a living from Internet Marketing, what do you think? What is your secret to your success?

If you're not a natural at IM and making little to no money, is this something you believe too?

Is it possible to become a natural once you've been doing it for a while? Maybe it takes longer for others and they give up to soon?
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    With hard work, persistance, willingness to learn, and patience then anyone can make it. Might take some longer than others, but I think practically anyone can do it.
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      This isn't like playing baseball or anything like that.

      IM is a certain set of skills that need to be cultivated and grown. Once those skills are there, the person will see success.

      That being said...there ARE some people who just are not going to make it in IM.

      Those who just can't, for the life of them, follow a coherent thought. (ie, they are stupid)

      Those who are just plain lazy

      Those who keep looking for the quick, easy money

      Those who move from project to project every ten minutes.

      Those who are afraid of not having a steady income

      There are more but the list is long. Not htough, that with the exception of those who are just terminally stupid (and I mean REALLY stupid btw) the rest are something that can be changed if worked on.
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      I think it's a combination of both.

      If I were to use methods of promotion that I know didn't work (I know what
      they are because I used to use them) then I'd never get anywhere. So
      with all my smarts, I still have to do the "right" things.

      Therefore, if I taught somebody else those "right" things, there is no reason
      why they can't be successful. Yes, there are some variables involved. Some
      things require writing skills. Others require design or programming skills. But
      even if you can't do some of these things yourself, you can always hire
      others to do them for you.

      So while I do believe (we've been down this road just recently) that IM is
      not for everybody, mostly if they're heart is just not into it, if you have the
      drive and determination, the ABCs CAN be taught and then THAT person
      CAN do it.

      It's just like with math. There is a right way and a wrong way to add,
      subtract, multiply and divide. With IM, there are many right and wrong
      ways. You just have to find the ones that work for YOU.
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        Not true.

        I suck at almost everything that Internet Marketing is about and I still make more than enough money to pay the bills every month.

        And when I say I suck, I mean it! All of the technical aspects of the business for me are a no go. Find a plan you are comfortable with and work hard at it, I mean really work hard and through in a little bit of intelligence and you will make the money you want.
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      The original post asks "You're either good at it or you're not? True or False?"

      I disagree. IMO, internet marketing requires the right state of mind and work ethic. Without those...then you might be doomed to fail.

      However, I think people that are "not good at it" can learn to be good at it. It might take longer than others, they may make more mistakes than others, but it can be done.

      When I was a manufacturing manager I had 3 shift supervisors working for me. First and third shift's had really good supervisors . The second shift was not that "good". He made lots of mistakes, made some poor decisions, and overall was not a good manager of people.

      I inherited this problem so I spent time evaluating. One day I sat down with the 2nd shift supervisor and explained to him my thoughts. Come to find out he was a warehouse guy that showed promise and got promoted to a position he was not qualified for. He had never managed people and was iffy on the equipment but learning.

      Now everyone (including the 1st and 3rd supervisors) thought he should be fired.

      I changed my hours around a bit so that I worked 4hours on 2nd shift. I worked with him for about 6 weeks 4 hours a day.

      I stood behind his decisions right or wrong(explained the wrong ones in private) and encouraged him to make those decisions and think ahead.

      Turned out that he was the better of all the shifts. First and Third were coasting and not really putting a lot of effort into anything. I actually found out a lot of the mistakes were being blamed on this poor guy.

      Finally I ended up releasing the first shift guy who refused help and thought he knew it all, and promoted the 2nd shift guy to 1st.

      My point is this(I know, finally!)...Just because someone may not be "good" at something doesn't mean they cannot succeed. With training, education and the "desire" anything is possible.

      Sometimes I think not being naturally good at something is better, if you have a strong desire to learn.

      If I had not worked with a person that was going to be fired, we would, as a company lost out, and HE would have lost out on a great job with potential to be promoted.

      Just food for thought. Sorry for the Steve W. type of winded post.

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    I would say that for sure it just "clicks" in some people.

    In less than a year I am doing much better than the person that introduced me to it and has been at it for 4 years... but I don't necessarily think I am better, I just want it more and work for it more.

    I think anyone can do this is if they study and work at it enough.
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      unfortunately marketing is nothing you can learn out of books. you can learn about WAYS to sell, and you can learn a rough plan to follow. but everything else you can only obtain by DOING it.

      i for example hired 3 weeks ago as a telemarketer, on comission. i was calling people around 8 hours a day, and most brushed me off in the first few seconds. then, slowly i was able to break their resistance. and only in the last few days i was actually able to tell them something about the product.
      i use tables with 30 names/numbers, and in the beginning i couldnt tell one person about my product... im up to ~5-7 per list now.

      you have to "feel" what is right in marketing. and that feeling is only obtained by experience. im completely new to IM, so i just take the same approach as in telemarketing: taking the rough outlines provided by this board, set up a dozens free blogs with a single review in them, and mass publishing EZA articles pointing to that blog. i dont expect to make money, or even make a single conversion or even to people follow my ressource link, BUT i gain experience in copywriting. i learn how to write a decent presell review. and i get quicker at it.

      you have to experiment. in the beginning i stuck to the guide i was given, but really, your marketing method has to fit your personal style. if that what you write or say doesnt feel natural to you, its of no use since a customer will "sense" that something is wrong (their scam-alerts go off).

      do something crazy, do something that costs only your time, and experiment. soon you will begin to get a feeling, and can tackle some "real" projects. I think in EVERY kind of marketing you need at least 2-3 month to understand the basic principles, get used to them and develop the most basic skills.

      Good Luck & Have Fun

      Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen.

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    You raise a very important point.

    I've been online full-time for a handful of years and have consistently done low- to mid-six figures annually. While I believe people can certainly learn just about any aspect of IM I do not believe that everyone can succeed at it.

    In my experience this has less to do with IM itself as it has to do with the fundamentals of what it takes to succeed in business. Specifically that success ultimately comes down to one thing: one's ability to make sales and make them consistently.

    For many IM provides a smokescreen of sorts - a way to use barriers like blogs and websites so they don't have to build any relationships or learn the most important skill of all: SALES (this could be sales through writing, speaking, whatever).

    It doesn't matter what good intentions someone might have for bringing a product or service to a given market, nor how great that product or service might be....if the individual does not know how to effectively market and sell it.

    Based on my personal experience, this is the fundamental component that separates the % who succeed in building a prosperous web business with those who do not.


    Coming soon for all you IM junkies... The Internet Daily Show

    A Secret to Success: Making serious money online or offline is not complex unto itself - we're the ones who complicate it. Simply sell them what they are already buying.

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    No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. - Helen Keller

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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      Naturally good at it? Yes, scientists have isolated a gene which is 98% responsible for IM success. They are amazed how fast this gene developed, considering how new the Internet is.
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        I'm not sure that there really is a secret to being successful at IM. It's like any other business. You need to know where you are, where you want to go, how you plan on getting there, a realistic time table of how long it will take, how you're going to deal with the obstacles in between and good idea of about how much capital will be required to accomplish the goal. The rest is focus, determination and hard work (smart work). Of course this is just MHO.

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    There's no natural at IM.

    I am from India, and I have said it time and again that it is really possible for anyone to make money online as long as they have just one skill... The skill to acquire other skills.

    I never even thought in terms of hiring and outsourcing, and now all I do is iunstrtuct other people, let them do the work, take their work and brand it as my opwn while giving them a nice chunk of change, and thenm put it all together to make large funnels that make me money.

    And not to forget lists of customers and freebie seekers as well.

    And I market my products extensively to them.

    So whats the biog deal?

    Whats the big SECRET?

    Well... Youalready can find enoguh Information here in the Warriorforum for free to start making money onmline using free resources, and then start making some good money by getting a WAR room membvership and slowly applying all the tactics being discussed in there.

    Hope it helps.

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    All I can say is that if a guy is struggling for about 4 years to make money online and now he is making a full time income, then anyone can do it.

    You need to be persistent and to NEVER give up no matter what.

    By the way, that guy is ME. I struggled for 4 long years and now, I am making a full time income online.

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    its definitely something you can learn, although some people have natural abilities to learn or understand things better or faster, so they might make more money quicker, but its definitely something anyone can learn

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      Consistency and determination I think are the keys to success in IM. It is too easy to give up when things don't go as planned.
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