When Was The Last Time You....

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When was the last time you included a section on your "To Do" List for family time or ME time?....

It's 10:45pm here in the UK and I was writing my to "to do" list for the next few days, which includes tasks that I have pulled out of my business plan that are a must do etc etc..

When I suddenly realised that not once have I EVER included family time in my list of things that I must do...

I must write 10 articles
I must construct those 3 pages for squidoo lenses
I must broadcast offer A to that list
I must broadcast Offer B to the other list

But NOTHING for family time...

Sure I catch an extra hour for lunch because I'm at home so I don't HAVE to come right back to the office... and sure I can drop things whenever I want..

But when do I actually do it?... answer... VERY rarely.. I even schedule holidays like I have a JOB... it's flippin insane...

I'm takin tomorrow off... and I might not even be back....

I got a 6 month old baby girl and I gotta enjoy her... she rocks....so starting now I'm gonna work on my family... if my business falls on it's arse then so be it..

Don't forget your family warriors... especially you guys out there working all night and day to make it full time..

I'm fortunate enough that my missus was kind enough to stick with me through all the crap when I sucked at this, so now I'm giving back... what good would it have been if I was full time in this business and no family to enjoy it with?

Don't forget your family warriors...



p.s. Should this be in Mind Warriors?? :confused:
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    Hi Jay,

    I totally agree with putting family into consideration. Kind of odd when we overlook the ones that we're working for sometimes.

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