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Hey guys, I have an idea for a new possible service I may begin to offer. I need someone with a site that I can use for this purpose, free of charge of course. More or less someone with sufficient content on their site and their permission to make a potentially cool video for it Let me know!
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    I would be interested I sent you a PM not sure if I meet your criterea?


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    Originally Posted by beamer1959 View Post

    I'm interested and I have a blog with well over 60 posts. Is that enough for you to use? I don't have enough posts in yet for me to be allowed to post a link or send you an IM. it's stumblerumba.com
    What I'm looking to do, is essentially create a quick highlight for your site. You pick what you want showcased, if you will. You can also put any text you want displayed before, during, and or after as well. Ideally anything 30 seconds and under but I'm open to anything.

    Here's a sample for your site:

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    This is an awesome idea and I would guess you will grow a steady and very lucrative business from it.

    I am in the process of setting up a new site and something like you are offering would be nothing less than fantastic in order to promote it.

    I doubt I have enough content as yet to get full benefit from your services, but I would certainly like to see what you could do for me.

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    Originally Posted by beamer1959 View Post

    OMG! That's awesome just the way it is! If you want to do more, the only think I'd want is to make sure a Freaky Friday post is included and a Dinner and a Movie post. But what you have there is great! Oh - I know - how about flashing on my advertise here box in the sidebar?

    But if you want to leave it just the way it is, that's great too! What a neat idea!
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    that is incredible, i can not pm or post a link yet, i have a blog with 35 posts on it,
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    Awesome work jjmacky! Nice site beamer1959!

    Good luck to you both,
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