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by van80
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Hi everyone

I'm trying to use Google's search operators to find URLs that contain the tilde (~) in the URL. I tried these but they don't seem to work.


Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this?
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    I think you're having difficulty because tildes aren't allowed in URLs. If you put the character in a string I think Google will just leave it out and return results for the string. So for instance, if you are searching for, Google is going to return the result


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      I've never seen a ~ in a URL which would probably be the issue here, as pointed out above...

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    Check this Google Guide.
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    You often see the tilde operator (~) in URLs for universities and free sites. It simply means the user's home directory. They used to be more common before the web really exploded. And Web 2.0 sites took over from free sites like Angelfire.

    Google also used to use the ~ as a search operator to include synonyms for the keyword entered but they discontinued it last year.

    I doubt you can find a way to isolate it as a character in a url with Google search.

    The use in a domain is
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      Hi onSubie

      Yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to search for. User pages like that are a great way to get inbound links from edu pages. That's why I'm trying to isolate them in search, but it seems extremely difficult/impossible to do so.

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