Any eBay experts out there?

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Hey guys,
I've been trying to sell through my website and eBay for a while now and haven't had much luck. Ebay is starting to pick up, I do on average around 1 or 2 sales per day, but nothing that can make me a full time salary.
Obviously it's easier to make a sale on ebay because of the millions of people already searching through the site.
I've tried tweaking my listings, bundling items together, always offer free shipping, but what will help me get to the next level?
I sell automotive parts and supplies, and see there are big companies out there that have sold hundreds of thousands of parts through their ebay store.

A few things I've done recently to try to increase exposure:
-Add more photos (which I take myself, I do have inventory)
-List as Good til Cancelled
-Work on product descriptions (adding item specifics, cross reference #'s)
-List items as package deals and individually

I have no problem making sales around the $5-$25 range and have 100% positive feedback. I would like to increase the dollar amount of my sales as well quantity, but it seems like its the cheap stuff that sells.

Anyone have any experience or feedback for me? Anything is appreciated.
(I have an ebay store, and have around 150 items listed at all times, and almost everything is buy it now or best offer)

Here's a link to the store:
Tube Nuts and Unions, Lighting items in AutoSuppliesDirect store on eBay!
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    I am a full time drop shipper. Did you decide to do this on your own or did you go through training?

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    I'm not an eBay expert but have a lot of experience with them and once was a Powerseller for what it's worth. One thing I'd drop like a hot potato is the good till canceled listings. People will put off buying because they feel like they can get the item anytime. I did that with one of my listings and have increased sales by 300 percent with that item.
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    start with thread it will take you time to read

    There are a host of other E-bay threads here also if you use the search button.
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      Tanya- I decided to do this on my own, I have never gone through any training

      Travlinguy- That's funny I feel the same way about the good til cancelled listings, I get a ton of watchers but not so many views. But I called up ebay the other day and asked if the guy had any tips on getting more sales, that was the first thing he told me to do. He said customers seem to see more sales using good til cancelled on items that aren't being auctioned.

      DWolfe- thanks I'll read through!
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    Yes the cheaper stuff is what tends to sell the most but almost half of my sales have always come from high priced items like furniture, cribs, and other various items. I have never sold auto parts so I don't have any advice on what parts would be great sellers but being an import car fanatic I'd imagine that parts for pimping rides would be great sellers. I'm talking like body kits, racing seats, turbo's and other tuning parts but those are just my thoughts I'm not sure how well they would sell but I can imagine they would do pretty good.

    I've been selling for 10 years on eBay and Amazon but I've mainly sold adult products and children's clothing, toys and other gear for infants and toddlers. Yeah I know Sex and Babies go hand in hand lol but its always done well for me and neither one doesn't really have that much of a down time as they sell well all year long.
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    The two things I can spot straight away:
    1 - Your name doesn't suggest a reputable company, that would put me off. Although thats just a personal opinion of mine, I would rather see a company name there especially when its a store.

    2 - Your Feedback is low, but all you need to do is just ride the slow stage out, build rep bit by bit and be the best seller you can buy. The more your Feedback goes up, the more sales you'll see.

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    Hey, it sounds like you have all your ducks
    in a row. My only other addition to this is
    your eBay Feedback and Detailed Seller Ratings.

    I've ran an eBay store since 2008 (now Power
    Sellers) but one thing I've noticed through my
    experiences is that as your reputation improves,
    sales do the same.

    The connection is almost surreal.

    You have a VERY GOOD niche, so don't panic.
    Don't only rely on the traffic that eBay provides.
    Be proactive and use other sources. Search
    engine traffic has been good to me, and it
    works. You just have to SEO all of your listings
    AND your store categories.

    Also, give it time and focus on customer service.
    Commit to constantly improving your DSR
    and feedback. Over time you'll see!

    With the type of products you sell I'm sure
    prospective buyers would be more prone to
    buy if you had more feedback.

    It isn't just the score or percentage of positives
    they're looking at - it's also the number of feedback
    you've received. To your eBay success!
    Your Funnel is Waiting. Fill It With Unlimited Leads
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    You have a 100% feedback rating so I wouldn't worry about the numbers, that will come. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from someone with 180+ feedback as long as the percentage is high. My feedback isn't into the thousands and I always highlight my personalized service vs. the bigger names. Works for me.

    I agree with much of the above, but would also ask if you have broken out some items to auction instead of buy it now? It never ceased to amaze me how many of my items would sell in auction format for a lot more than they were listed for as buy it now. I always run a mix of both.
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      I used to always keep a hundred or so items listed as BIN/Good Til Cancelled back when you could list for a few cents a month. Then eBay, in their infinite wisdom (or greed) decided to raise the monthly listing fees 600% in one month. Now it's not really practical to leave low prices/slow moving items up month after month unless you list something like a 1000 or more to get listing price break. I got out of that mode and began only posting higher value items and fast movers.

      I haven't sold car parts, so I can't say about your business. Doing a completeds search, I see your selling quite a bit, so you must be OK in the demand and pricing areas. Good luck with it.
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    GOOD 'TIL CANCELLED -- Don't use it??? I totally disagree.
    Unless you are excellent at keeping track of inventory or there is some program that does it for you, a 30 day fixed price listing can make a mess of your ebay reputation.

    Example: You have 20 widgets listed for 30 days. 12 of those widgets sell. At the end of 30 days you RELIST you auction. Ebay does not subtract those 12 widgets you sold automatically, they relist the auction as you originally listed it, which means 20 widgets. Ebay does not do inventory control for you.

    Now after 8 widgets sell, you are out of widgets, but the ebay listing says you still have 12 more to sell. People buy them and are very disappointed when they win one or more of those non-existent widgets. You are sold out and yet the listing is still active. You get NEGATIVE feedback or NEUTRAL feedback because you cannot deliver their purchase.

    PLUS it is time consuming cancelling and refunding on actions you cannot fulfill.

    On the other hand, a GOOD UNTIL CANCELLED auction keeps count of exactly how many widgets you have let for sale. When you reach zero widgets left, the auction ends and there is nothing to keep track of.
    Bob Hale
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      Good 'til cancelled only makes ebay look good, not your paypal account. I've generated 10's and 10's of thousands of dollars from ebay and I've done it through extremely in-demand niches like weight-loss and gaming/electronics.
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      Originally Posted by bobsstuff View Post

      GOOD 'TIL CANCELLED -- Don't use it??? I totally disagree.
      Unless you are excellent at keeping track of inventory or there is some program that does it for you, a 30 day fixed price listing can make a mess of your ebay reputation.

      Example: You have 20 widgets listed for 30 days. 12 of those widgets sell. At the end of 30 days you RELIST you auction. Ebay does not subtract those 12 widgets you sold automatically, they relist the auction as you originally listed it, which means 20 widgets. Ebay does not do inventory control for you.

      Now after 8 widgets sell, you are out of widgets, but the ebay listing says you still have 12 more to sell. People buy them and are very disappointed when they win one or more of those non-existent widgets. You are sold out and yet the listing is still active. You get NEGATIVE feedback or NEUTRAL feedback because you cannot deliver their purchase.

      PLUS it is time consuming cancelling and refunding on actions you cannot fulfill.

      On the other hand, a GOOD UNTIL CANCELLED auction keeps count of exactly how many widgets you have let for sale. When you reach zero widgets left, the auction ends and there is nothing to keep track of.
      1. If you can't keep track of what you've sold maybe eBay isn't for you.

      2. I've been active on eBay since 2000. Good till canceled is a selling strategy not an inventory feature. As I've already mentioned, in my own personal experience selling on eBay, GTC listings create indifference in buyers. They feel they have right up until the last day of the listing to purchase.

      I've found that 7 day listings are the best by far because there's a measure of urgency built into that time period. When I know I have a very popular item I'll occasionally throw up a 3-day listing. When listing, eBay will often prompt the seller to do one thing or another. For example, I have a couple of items that consistently sell well as fixed price listings.

      When listing them an eBay popup always appears saying the item will sell better as an auction rather than a fixed listing. But this isn't true. It might sell but it will usually sell for well under the fixed price and create a loss for the seller. eBay will encourage you to do what's best for them first and you second. So in that case it makes sense to go with what you know. Very often it makes far more sense to list auction style. But I'm the one that makes that call, not some eBay auto-prompt message..
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        Hey Nick,

        I make my entire income from reselling online, primarily through Ebay. I'm a powerseller and I have been doing this for the last 4 to 5 years. I mainly work part-time, but I make a full time income. I got a chance to check out your Ebay Store:

        The Good - The store looks nice and clean the and logo gives you a professional appearance. Great job on the positive feedback. It doesn't matter if you have 100 positive feedback or 1000 positive feedback. What matters is the percentage. You want to have 100% customer satisfaction from every customer you deal with, even if you end up losing money on that transaction (that's the cost of doing business).

        The Bad -

        It is good that you are getting sales, but unfortunately I believe that your inventory is full of very low frequency items. Frequeny is how fast an item sells. Now hear me out for a second. I'm sure your competition is successfully selling hundreds, if not, thousands of the same items you have for sale each month. I can only make assumptions because I don't know exactly who they are, but I bet they are a much bigger operation than you.

        When you are a smaller fish in this big pond, you want to focus on high frequency items. These are items that sell within a day, or maybe within a few hours from the time you post the item for sale. I personally focus on on items that resell for around $100-$200. I can have an item arrive in the mail, list it for sale, and package it for shipment within a 1-3 hours because it has already sold. That is high frequency. I built my empire on this concept.

        I wrote an ebook on this topic that I will be launching soon. I created this sample just for you. Go download it for free:
        You don't need to input an email...just go grab it. In the book I have a lengthy list of what sells fast and what doesn't. Oh, and sorry in advance for any misspellings. I didn't proofread the ebook yet.

        NEVER use "Good Till Closed" listings. The 2 times a customer is more likely to find your listing is (1) when the item has just been listed and (2) when the listing is about to expire. If you list with "Good Till Closed", then your listings will remain lost in the twilight zone with the millions of other listings. For expensive products I will have the auction close within 3, 5, or 7 days. This ensures that my item gets viewed more frequently. I will post all of my inexpensive smaller items for 30 days. Post your items between 3pm-8pm. This is when more people are Ebay. Your items will START and END during peak hours, so more buyers will see your listing. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days.

        The Ugly - Crop Out extra space in the photo. Ebay's new photo tool will allow you to do this now, otherwise you can edit your photos quickly using

        You have pictures that are sideways and it looks a bit lazy. Rotate those so they are facing upright.

        Some of your pictures of tiny items, like fuses, are blury. Use your "macro" setting on your camera to fix this issue. It helps you get clearer shots of tiny objects. Usually the macro setting is signified by a picture of a flower in your settings.

        Hope this helps. Sorry for the long message!
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    Hi I have used ebay in the past when i first started i hope the following strategies may help you.

    In the past i made in a single day I made £150 from just one product on ebay and one customer at the time. I was so chuffed and yes it may not seem like a lot of money to you, but think how many people make that kind of money every day working a day job, not many.

    Here is how my strategy works and i hope it helps you out, i know you sell Nick automotive parts and supplies but here goes anyway..Hopefully you may be able to at least use the following process..


    People on ebay are searching for a specific thing, so the first thing I would do is locate such a product. If you do an ebay search based on your keyword. You will see your results come up. Look at what other powersellers are selling ( for your automotive parts) and what prices, also look up ebay pulse for latest trends that are popular.

    STEP 2: List your product on ebay with a clear digital photo.
    Ebay has helpful tutorials for how to list a product, but when you list your product make sure you have the keywords in your title and a great description as this will really help your potential buyer when making a purchasing decision.

    An example of a description might be:

    Complete Make Money Online Home Study CD Course (If in IM Niche)

    11 Secrets to success with Facebook ( Daily strategies to guarantee success)

    Small add, big Profits ( How to turn $40 into $500 in 1 day)

    Guru Facebook advert Secrets on the internet to make six figures in Six months

    How to set up your website in 1 day even with No Experience

    What and where to sell on facebook for maximum profit.

    How to create your first information product in less 60 minutes from home

    How to automate your facebook fan page so other people do your hard work for you.

    Minimize your risk and double your profits in less than 14 days.


    Don't forget to check out my other auctions for more great products on direct mail, twitter, Seo and Product launches etc

    The process will be the same for nicks case but replace for part and supplies etc.

    This is just an example to give you one idea. I have bullet point benefits and features of the product. And at end mention good condition and if you are unsure to email me. I also mentioned I have other auctions they may be interested in. Next you will need to upload a good quality picture of your product.

    What I like to do is set the price at 0.99p, as this will attract many buyers and have a postage cost of £1.50. I am not looking for profit as this stage just want the buyer on my list.You can build up a really cool buyers list like this.

    When someone buys the 0.99p product I put this onto CD and ship to the customer right away. Now here is where it gets interesting. I send a double CD case to the customer, one having the product the customer paid me for and the other an upsell CD.

    When the customer receives the product they notice another CD. They get curious and put the other CD into their diskdrive and it auto loads. ( Always set this to auto-load) and on my upsell CD will be a sales page of another higher priced product/service.If they buy this your in pure profit. Cool hey!

    Now not everyone will purchase the upsell right away, some will not others will buy later on. Using this method I made £150 in a single day with a dating product I had acquired the rights to.

    STEP 3. Rinse and repeat and keep selling more stuff to your customers.

    Good tip: On your first CD try and capture the name and email address of your customer by asking them to sign up for updates, it has worked for me.That way you can follow up with any ebay customers by email and direct mail.

    I hope this was of some help, i do realize this is for info products but you may adapt/tweek some elements of the process for other types of goods to make it work for you.


    Build a Real Online Business from scratch today!
    Get Your FREE Webinar Training Here

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      Hey op you need to find out how far you are off TRS status as this is crucial to search results in ebay. One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your eBay Shop and Buy It Now listings is by using auctions. This is possible mainly because of the increased search positions given to auction style listings.
      For example, if you list two identical items, one in an auction style and the other one as a BIN listing, both listings for 7 days, chances are that the auction will get more views than the (otherwise identical) BIN listing. This is because during the last few hours / minutes before it ends, eBay boosts auction listings much higher in search results (and this makes sense as people who like to bid would rather see auctions ending soon when they search for items).
      And by knowing this little eBay 'secret' you can boost traffic to your shop and BIN listings, here's how:
      1) Have all your BIN listings in place for the items you sell (with your target prices set as the BIN prices).
      2) Run auction style listings for the same items &
      3) Include a Buy It Now button in these listings that links to your corresponding BIN listings.

      By doing this, you generate extra traffic (and therefore sales!) to your BIN listings as there are many people out there (I'm one of them) who don't like to bid on items and instead always go with a Buy It Now option.
      Going by the current eBay rules we can have 1 Buy It Now listing and up to 14 Auctions for each product we sell. So if you have plenty of products in stock, you can run an auction listing once a day, so that every day you have one auction listing ending soon (so it's search results ranking is boosted) sending in more traffic and sales to your BIN listings!
      As for the auction starting price - this will depend on the item you sell, how popular it is and what the competition looks like. Obviously, you wouldn't want to list a 500 dollar item with a starting price of just 0.99, as that would be too risky. But for cheap items OR items in high demand (such as popular DVDs, Blu-Rays, and video games) or in your case bulbs it's actually ok to use 0.99 as a starting price as the demand is there and an auction should reach the market's average selling price when it ends anyway.
      But there are no strict rules or formulas to calculate this, you'll just have to test it and see how it works in your market.

      If you're happy to invest some money in your eBay business, this strategy is perfect to build up a sales history for your Good Til Cancelled (GTC) listings. For example, you're selling a Samsung S4 wooden phone cover & your target price is 9.95.
      Here's what you do:
      1) Create a GTC listing for your item and set price to 4.95 (break-even).
      2) Each day run a 0.99 auction for the same item with a BIN banner included in the listing.
      3) For every 3-5 sales achieved on the GTC listing, increase the price by 1 until you reach your target price of 9.95.
      After just 5-10 days you'll have a GTC listing with 15-25 sales and a decent position in the best match search results. Then you can stop doing the daily auctions OR if they're bringing in tonnes of traffic, continue with them as you're now making a healthy profit on your GTC listing.
      Hope this helps
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    It takes time to build a good reputation on eBay or your own website. just keep reading and learning new information.
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    Not an ebay expert. But I agree with canceling the "good til cancelled" because it doesn't create any urgency.

    It's hard to say without knowing your costs and profit margins. Do you run auctions?

    If it were me, I'd do anything to build a reputation. I'd use my company name as my ebay name. And set reserves at breaking even. Or not listing a reserve if you find that all your auctions are going over your cost (or minimum price you're allowed).

    The other issue is not knowing what you're selling and what the competition is selling. Are your items priced cheaper? The same? Does the competition have a bigger/better reputations than you?
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    I sell on Ebay for time to time. To increase your sells you need to find products that are more in demand and sell those products. When go on the ebay site. Go to advance search on the right of the page and type in the item your trying to sell and check completed items box and push search and you can see the items that sell most on ebay in your category . If the dollar amount is green and you see lots of green that means that item sells alot. Stick with those items.. That's the key..
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    Does anyone know of a good drop shipping service for eBay and Amazon?
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  • I will come out and call myself an eBay expert.

    Now, with the 'Good Til Cancelled' duration, the purpose of it is not to create a sense of urgency.

    No, the description, and how to 'brand' yourself (the brand funnel) it's that guy's job to do that.

    In fact, when you sell the product, you must also sell yourself. You must also put in copywriting elements to sell the item quickly.

    Remember, every eBay listing also acts like a webpage where the purpose is to 'compel the visitor to a specific action.' Namely, a sale, an offer, a bid, or even a watch.

    Why? Because these are measurable actions that eBay uses to determine if the listing has a high probability to sell.

    Hence the views-to-actions ratio.

    And also why you need a good til cancelled duration.

    When you list as a Good til Cancelled duration you have the opportunity to accumulate actions. The more actions you have, the higher you rank - because eBay sees these listings as 'more likely to convert' thus making eBay more money.

    If you list it as a 5,7,10 or even 30 day, and it goes unsold, then your actions are lost, the ranking benefits are forfeited, and you start over on the bottom.

    But, the longer you're listed, the higher you rank over time in a Good til cancelled. All those actions and rankings boosts are retained.

    If your items AREN'T selling, then it's more likely a matter of your adcopy/titles and how you're selling to your audience.

    If you can compel them to buy the item, and buy from you, you'll be fine.

    (Assuming you're listing at fair market value and not some contrived price you've picked out of the sky)

    -Auction Debt Eliminator-
    Famous for my '$1000 dollar challenge,' I've been teaching people how to DOMINATE on eBay for YEARS. Sell 100% of your items FOR A PROFIT. Rank higher, sell faster, sell more, and DESTROY your competition with a data-based approach. Quit listening to Guru's-in-training! Click now below!
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    One thing that I have learn with the program that I am with is your title are very important to your sales. So I would say make sure you use keywords in the titles and words that have something to do with the title.

    I actually just started selling on Ebay and because of the train that I use I has really been working for me.

    Much Success to you!
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    Great info guys. Thank you for sharing. I am recovering from a stroke and starting back online to make a living so any help is greatly appreciated. I just started on Ebay today
    Rick Daniels Owner of Black Scorpion Boxing- Fitness & Self Defense ,CPA,Ebay
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