Can I use this list ? Employer at the edge of bankruptcy

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Hello Everyone,

I've been watching these forums for a little while, trying to gather information, and start developing some email marketing skills. In all senses of the word, I am a newbie.
Anything technical, related to the internet, web servers, and email, not a problem. Wrapping my head around selling. Not so easy for me.

Anyway, my employer in the apparel manufacturing and supply sector is about to go out of business. Unless someone buys the company in the next couple of weeks, the bank is going to pull the plug.

I pay for, and expense their small email list on my credit card, about 4000 subscribers, that they use for sending out their current promotions. I am listed as the contact owner, and billing contact for the list. The list currently has about a 30 percent open rate, on their admittedly terrible and spammy subject lines. The list is currently with an email list provider that isn't friendly to email marketing. So, I will probably have to move it to a different platform.

The majority of these were garnered through trade show contacts, and through salesmen. So the majority of the emails are for company salesmen, or owners in the apparel industry.

Since, I'm about to get shafted on severance pay, I'd like to consider my options for using this list.
However, I'm a little concerned about the ethical issues with just assimilating the list as my own. Beyond that there are the legal issues with initiating the first contact, without stepping on US and Canadian Anti-Spam laws. Lastly, assuming that I move forward with this, is their an email provider that will allow me to import the list, without forcing all of the subscribers to opt in again.

If anyone could offer any advice or suggestions, they would be appreciated.
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    IANAL, but my thoughts are the list is an asset of the company and as such will transfer to whoever controls the assets when it's closed down either the bank or if it's a bankruptcy the trustee. They will either sell the company or sell off the assets. Typically even assets sold just before the shut down can be voided and returned to the trustee. Your best bet is to talk with a lawyer, especially if you are not being reimbursed.
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