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So, I'd like to get leads via squeeze pages that I build.
The problem is...I have NO IDEA where to begin.

My question is.....

Is there a reputable program out there, that I could purchase, to the basics of internet marketing, like:

1. how to build squeeze pages.
2. how to get prospects to your squeeze page.
3. ect.

Thank you.
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    Dozens. For squeeze pages you can use a plug in like, WP Lead Rocket; a theme. like OptimizePress, you can code with html, etc. Driving traffic is a whole 'nother ball of wax. Currently you'll see many people using Solo Ads, Facebook ads, banner ads. etc. You can also use signatures in forums (like mine below), search engine optimization.

    There are just so many directions you can go here.

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    G Diddy - well it's a question we all start with and the answers are 10 for a penny. A couple below that won't cost you a penny!

    I think the question how to build a squeeze page tells me that you are fairly new. You can create a squeeze page with wordpress. It doesn't have to be a paid theme either you can do well with free alternatives.

    Getting people to your squeeze page is simpler than you may think too.

    Things to consider are:

    Where are the people that you want to visit your squeeze page hangout! Go and connect with them there.. good places to start are Facebook groups/pages - Twitter - Google+ groups.. And never forgetting niche forums.

    DON'T jump straight in there and "sell or pitch" give people a few weeks (yes a few weeks) to get to know you whilst you offer answers to questions they ask, solutions to problems they have.

    In time - adding a link to a resource you think they find valuable will send them to your squeeze page.

    Good old article marketing - it has to be top shelf content or it's a waste of your time.

    If you need more help just holla at me

    Keep going bud
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    Great advice from Mission0ps.....

    There's loads of programs that could show you how to go about building a list and squeeze pages but if you really have "no idea" then no matter how step by step they claim to be, there's sure to be bits missing as far as you are concerned.

    This is where google or this very forum will come in handy and help fill in the blanks.

    In the meantime, I would do some more research on this forum and use the search function to see if any of your questions have already been addressed

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