How long before you pitch your MLM?

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I think its important not to just mention your MLM opportunity too soon when dealing with leads you attract online. I'm curious as to how long you wait before you make your pitch. I found it best to give before you try to take so I would say to wait until the 5th or 6th conversation/email.
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    MLM is a tricky beast for sure, and as you already mentioned its wise to not pitch it too early (good chance of scaring people off that way).
    I'd say 5 or 6 contacts at a minimum, but a lot depends on what you make of those 1st few contacts. You want to be emphasizing the benefits of the product itself (nothing about the 'opportunity' at this stage). And especially how its impacted your life with so many positives, etc.

    In general just come off like a super happy, easy going, fun loving and successful person. This will attract people to you and make them wonder what it is you DO that makes you that way. Then when you introduce the MLM angle, they're associating it with you, whom they already like.
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      "In general just come off like a super happy, easy going, fun loving and successful person."

      How about be one and not just come off like one. The moment I smell an MLM offer I put myself at a far distance.
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    i send them few good content before i send them the offer. This is how to pro do it, I use PLR email template for the content.
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      Originally Posted by janicetalberty View Post

      i send them few good content before i send them the offer. This is how to pro do it, I use PLR email template for the content.
      Content > video > email is a good way to do it.

      Video works well for the MLM industry. Not fake videos, real videos that guarentee results. Live video is even better, with proof or show them things, tips, tricks.
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    it depends on how you pitch it.

    you can start sending helpful content that maybe related with to your mlm, and put your offer at the bottom of the email.

    if they enter you list with a different mindset, i recommend you re-adjust their mind set with a specific benefit that would sell you mlm before they hear/read about it.
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    The big question is how are you generating those leads? If your going and actively finding them yourself, yeah you want to give it a few contacts getting to know them before telling them about your opportunity.

    If you've generated them and they know it's for work from home, why make it a few contacts? They've opted in to learn more so get them the info they need.
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    Most of the time I used to keep away form MLM service. But if you want to do,
    Try to send review, promotion, privilege and informative brief about your product or service.

    Most of the time, people need more clarification seems something i know. Then you have be more strategical do not disturbing the attention of people.
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    I would suggest you learn from the best - check out the big idea mastermind and learn from their strategies. They nearly convinced me to join their thousand dollar MLM programme and there's easily tens of thousands of people in that programme.
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    When it comes to MLM and BizOps, the most important factor when it comes to pitching is your brand.

    People join people, not companies. If you can prove that you are a worthy and likable leader from the get-go then it won't take much contact before pitching.

    And... We can't forget the bonuses!
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      Here's a great example of how not to do it.

      Someone "followed me" on Facebook today. Very shortly after that, they sent me a message, with a gushing recommendation and a link to "check it out." It's one of the newer programs we see people spamming here at the forum.

      I asked him if he thought sending someone an ad as an introduction was a productive way to recruit. He responded with:
      Hi Paul - how are you doing? - thanks for getting back to me. I thought an ad is when somebody has something to sell? What I share is an opportunity to benefit from some information. The longterm benefit is a complete restructuring of our suicidal society - but that part I reveal only upon request I don't push my vision or philosophy on people. So what do you do that keeps you in your passion?
      I pointed out that it was a bizopp, and probably an MLM, since "[t]hat's the only sort of offer that usually strips otherwise intelligent people of their good sense."

      He insisted it was an affiliate program, not an MLM, and said "Common mistake folks are doing online I observe: Underestimate the being on the other end "

      I asked him if it was a multi-tier program, and he replied "yep 30 levels down."

      Sounds like an MLM to me...

      The detailed comp. plan will be revealed in 3 weeks from now. If you're interested check back in then. I have no issue with you defining your projections. I can only share my reality with you - what you do with it is your gig But you will remember this conversation when the curtains are being lifted Still don't know what your passion is...
      There was a little more of the conversation, including a couple more questions about what "my passion" might be.

      Spam, followed by lies and buzzwords, is a common introduction system in MLM. Probably best to avoid that pattern.

      Not only did this guy pester me personally, which is no big deal, but he made me acutely aware of the nature of the program in question. That made it clear why so many people are spamming this place with it, and equally clear that we need to stomp on mentions of it every time we see them in this forum.

      A 30-level bizopp MLM is a spammer magnet.

      He made things tougher for himself and his potential downline, all for the privilege of spamming a non-prospect on Facebook.

      Like I said... Great way not to do it.
      Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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      Originally Posted by LimitlessTraffic View Post

      When it comes to MLM and BizOps, the most important factor when it comes to pitching is your brand.

      People join people, not companies. If you can prove that you are a worthy and likable leader from the get-go then it won't take much contact before pitching.

      And... We can't forget the bonuses!
      I have to agree with this, its your brand that sells, especially in MLM since it is how you distinguish yourself from the crowd. If you build a brand that matters the product sales will come after. Mind you, if you are talking about recruiting, anytime I get the "oh you do websites, can we sit down and talk about my business? it's a global business I need help with" I know I am gonna get pitched on the lifestyle, not sure how to help you on that one.
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        Originally Posted by OnlineStoreHelp View Post

        I have to agree with this, its your brand that sells, especially in MLM since it is how you distinguish yourself from the crowd. If you build a brand that matters the product sales will come after. Mind you, if you are talking about recruiting, anytime I get the "oh you do websites, can we sit down and talk about my business? it's a global business I need help with" I know I am gonna get pitched on the lifestyle, not sure how to help you on that one.
        Actually, your personal brand means almost nothing in MLM.
        If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Paul Myers is correct. Unfortunately theres a lot of people getting into mlm and spamming others. They're not being trained or their upline is giving them shitty training. They have no idea how to build a proper network and create a bad name for all of mlm.
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    You can pitch it right away if you want. It's really about who you're pitching and how you pitch it.
    Never go find random on facebook people and try to force them in. It will scare them away for sure...

    What a lot of people are doing is buying traffic in a coop like setting. Then they use whatever proof they have to convince another prospect who may not have come from a paid advertisement. This helps close their well sell the traffic at the same time.

    Double wammy!

    Affiliate links, templates, and redirects are not allowed.

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    Depends on whether your leads like the idea of MLM or not.
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    Define "leads you attract online".

    If I opted into your email list to get information, I expect you to tell me about your offer today.

    If we met in passing on Facebook, as Paul mentions, I would expect you to engage me as a person first and at least wait until we start talking about what each of us does to make money. Then if you just mention you work with a company offering XYZ services/products and I express interest, then its ok to hit me with your best shot.
    Brain Drained...Signature Coming Soon!
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    Here's a thought for anyone who desires to become a true professional
    at network marketing. Stop pitching. You sound like a carnival barker
    or a siding salesman.

    There's nothing wrong with being a carnival barker or siding salesman
    but that's not how you build long term residual income in network marketing.

    Paul's experience is replicated all too often and on a daily basis. Don't be one
    of those fools.

    I don't know if the Warrior Forum is the place for it... maybe Paul will advise...
    but I've been thinking for a while about starting a thread to educate people
    on how legitimate network marketing is actually done professionally.

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    People start trusting you after you send them the 6th or 7th e-mail provided that you are e-mailing value related posts and sending e-mails that help you build a relationship with your list

    I pitch after the 7th e-mail - so the 8th e-mail would be when I pitch and I would even create a video for that e-mail so they see you as a credible source in their eyes
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    The right time to pitch your MLM? A soon as you are ready to piss people off and blow up your unsubscribe rate, start mailing them about your MLM or biz-opp;-)

    Your First Paid Traffic Campaign

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    It varies on each individuals. Building relationships and trust with your readers are the most important part. Once they trust you as a mentor and as a guru, all you need to do is just to help them and showing your results using your method. People will see the results for themselves, and because they trust you, they'll start looking into products you use. My mentor uses this method and I can tell you that he's doing incredibly well.
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      The people who really piss me off are those who subscribe to my newsletter, send me one or two innocuous emails, which I answer because I like to engage with my readers, and then put me on their own list - usually for some MLM nonsense.

      Subscribing to me doesn't mean I have subscribed to them, no matter how much they bleat about having an 'established business relationship' with me!

      They very quickly become ex subscribers and their email send address is marked as spam.

      Who teaches them this kind of behaviour?

      Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at
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    I am a network marketer and it really depends on how the person found your information. The first thing I always do when someone gives me their email address or engages me on a facebook page, youtube, forum, twitter, etc is start building a relationship by looking at what they are doing. If they opt in to an email I sent or from my blog, I know that they were searching for something specific and can engage them on that topic. People are nosy and will usually do the same thing by checking out what groups I am in and what other information I may have posted.

    They will let you know when it's time to bring your mlm into the conversation. The easiest way to bring it up is by sharing content that helps them in some way. Sending them to a blog post about how to prospect or a video on an easy lead generation technique that is branded with a link to a presentation about your mlm. If they want to click they can. If they just went for the content and keep coming back to your site, you may just have a customer for your own products or affiliate offers. If they click on your mlm link then you know they're looking.
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  • I'm down to one MLM and i'm very very careful when I pitch it. I have tried all kinds of tactics and the one that has given me the most sales is a webinar. I'm sure there are better way but this is what works for me but it has to be after at least a dozen conversations first then the webinar invite. Good luck to you!

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    Hi Jbbrown..

    I would wait, till they have been presented all the benefits of your opportunity, support, training, coaching, products and services.

    You see, your approach here is all wrong !

    You are looking only for those that see the opportunity and not those you have to CONVINCE ! Either they see it or they don't !

    If you understand that MLM, it is purely a numbers game, and apply the sifting and sorting method of recruiting, you will not fear to tell them when they ask you, because you know you are applying the SIFTING & SORTING SYSTEM of recruiting people and looking for those only that see the opportunity....period, they have disqualified themselves and did you a favor !

    If I can teach you one thing, it is this. You see, they did you a favor, because you should be welcome all the NO's ( rejections ) you can get, because with every NO, you are getting closer to that........YES, so you should be thinking like this, with every no i get, i am getting closer to that yes, so just keep presenting the opportunity, and you will find those diamonds and diamonds in the rough that you are looking for.

    Present the benefits of the opportunity, products or services, training, coaching, support especially from you.

    If your company has tools, to help you do the heavy lifting, the sorting and sifting, then use those tools and put those people you pick up through that funnel and let it the funnel sort and sift for you, at the end of the funnel either they are interested or not, then move on.

    If you support your people 300 percent and not 100 percent, and try to get them into profit within the 1st 90 days, they will stay with you because of the strong level of support you personally provide to them.

    So, my advice is not to worry, you are worried about losing someone, when in fact is them that may have lost out an opportunity because of their lack of understanding what truly is a reputable network marketing and the opportunity for those that want to work hard and build a residual income.

    Do you know ...Citibank... they have a multi-level marketing component to their model, and it is called PRIMERICA...

    Be proud of your mlm business model, and the opportunity it affords those that pick up the torch and run with it to the finish line and can build truly passive residual income, it their loss if your opportunity is truly a good opportunity ....

    I would go and buy some books on how to build a networking marketing business, invest in your education and positive thinking books.

    Do you have a sorting and sifting system in place...?

    What sorting and sifting system do you have in place, if you do not have one, that means you are working too hard and efficiently, I suggest you set one up immediately !

    Hope you have a good upline sponsor, if you do not, then find out who are upper level uplines, move up the ladder till you find one that will support you well, and teach you well too...

    Any confusion, no problem just ask and will try to help you clear up your concerns so you can become a professional network marketer and a master at sorting and sifting ... who welcomes no's because the more no's you get the closer you are getting to that YES sign me up jbrown ..;>)

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      Originally Posted by onpointinfo View Post

      Do you have a sorting and sifting system in place...?

      Does that MLMfocus come from Art LaCoste or Robert Roundtree??
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      This is a fantastic reply. My wife is just starting in Primerica and I was hunting for some advice to give her on getting started. Thank you so much for posting this.
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      Honesty is the best policy. Let people know who you are and what you do upfront. Don't try to recruit them, just make it clear(through your signature,etc)
      The ones who are interested will let you know. The ones that aren't interested are best left alone. Don't act like you're ashamed of what you do unless you are ashamed in which case stop doing it! Look for the people who are looking for you. Some will, some won't.
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        The best time to pitch them your "deal" is when you get the impression they're open to looking at your opportunity. It's usually after you and the prospect have went back and fourth a couple of times and trust and respect have been established. How you pitch them you deal is simple. Focus on the benefits that would be appealing to anybody (keep it generic) like more time freedom,residual income,financial freedom,etc...

        Hitting them over the head about your company's comp plan,product line,etc isn't the way to go. They'll usually give you hints to let you know it's okay to share with them information about your company.
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          I agree its not really a good idea to pitch your MLM to soon too leads. With anything, no one wants to be sold anything and asked to hand over money on initial contact.

          I would first build a rapport with the leads. By talking to them like a normal friend and getting to know more about them, their goals, the obstacles they are facing, and so on and so forth. People love to talk about themselves so the more you make your leads feel like "ITS ALL ABOUT THEM" the easier it will be to be a solution to their problem.

          And what better way to customize a solution to their problems or worries than getting to know them first and simply asking. Once you have this information... you can then start to develop a pitch about your MLM that hits a lot closer to home than just trying to sell.

          Now that you know their fears and their troubles you can pitch to them on a much deep mental and psychological level and for the most part your conversion rates should go up.
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    What is your top 1 objective and concern in your mlm business at this moment, and what have you done to work towards your objective and concerns ?
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    Does the subscriber come onto your list knowing that you are in MLM?

    I think that's the first and most critical step.

    If they hop onto your list thinking it's all about internet marketing and then you throw them MLM they may get really burnt and decide to unsubscribe.

    It all depends on the type of list you're building.

    Look at people like: Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, and Eric Worre.

    They are all about MLM. But they don't pitch their opportunity. Yet, they still get people into their opportunity.

    But the people they are targeting know that they are all about MLM.
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    If your actively prospecting (the right way) on Facebook, then I would wait till 3 messages back and forth as long as your building a relationship and approached the person from a place of value first.

    If they become subscribers on your list, then I wouldn't worry about pitching your opportunity at all.

    Instead Get a blog or professional website created with one if you don't have one already, and start sharing value that helps solve other peoples problems. Anytime you make a value filled blog post, take snippets of it and share it with your list of subs and link em back to your blog post. Make sure on your blog you have sales funnels in place that convert.

    Doing that is called Attraction Marketing..

    So instead of being pitchy, you give first and they come to you
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    In all the posts so far barely a mention of the product itself. Is that not important? My wife wants to promote Forever Living online. The product and brand seem strong, good quality so why not sell like any other drop shipped range.

    Making it with Online Arbitrage

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    What people fail to realize about MLMs is that:

    1. Nobody gets paid a penny until a product has been sold. Most MLMs focus on the "referral" part and not the sales part.
    2. Your downline IS your competition. If you have a customer who buys widgets from you for $40 a pop, and you bring him into the business, you've lost him as a customer for life. As a member he can now buy the widgets for $10. Why would he buy them from you?

    I use the rabbit/carrot analogy when talking about MLMs. Let's say the carrot represents the product and the rabbit represents the "independent associate" selling the product. Now, if every time a rabbit ate one carrot, another rabbit was born, eventually you'd have a city full of fluffy little bunnies fighting over food. That is essentially what happens when you follow most MLM's "sell-them-a-product-then-sign-them-up" business model.

    The newly born rabbits are the ones getting screwed, while the rabbits at the top of the pyramid, who got there early are sipping mai-tai's and getting their toes curled by the lady rabbits.
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      Originally Posted by IDontPayForClicks View Post

      What people fail to realize about MLMs is that:

      1. Nobody gets paid a penny until a product has been sold. Most MLMs focus on the "referral" part and not the sales part.
      That's exactly right. Focus on the sales and the recruiting is not a problem.

      1. You don't have to "convince" anybody to join
      2. People are not dropping off because they're going broke
      The internet is not some magical tool that makes MLM work, especially if all you're doing is MLM online.

      You need to stop trying to fill the MLM leaky bucket with an internet firehose. It just reaches and turns off more people faster while leaving a record of what to avoid.

      If you look back through MLM training, you can see so many stupid (yet novel) ideas designed to trick prospects into thinking this was something new or different than the company they saw ten times before.

      The internet is not your friend when you are focused on recruiting maximum "numbers."

      "People" don't react well and it is so much easier to compare notes online as Paul Meyers demonstrated.

      ~Successful people actually do what unsuccessful people only talk about doing.

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    I pitch in the very first email. Let them know what i'm all about and that i wont waste their time.

    Look, they already "what the deal is". Just give it to them straight up, but make the sales copy/email copy persuasive - and informative.
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    The best way is to meet people, then people become convinced to join a MLM. This method is highest conversion rate.
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    I know that people quickly give their opinions on the marketing model
    of MLM, but I doubt that's what you're asking. MLM is one of those
    controversial subjects on the WF for over 10 years now.

    Anyway, a basic question you have to answer is are these leads interested
    in the product or the business opportunity? You really have to segment
    your list in this regards. Those who are interested in making money are
    seldom motivated by things as the user/customer.

    And your best target are those who have already shown an interest
    in the MLM industry. Here you can pitch your opportunity right upfront.

    -Ray Edwards
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    It's not about how long you need to warm people up or make them wait. It's about being a real and genuine person throughout the whole process.
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  • Profile picture of the author Brandon Lukas
    There's really no number. Network Marketing is all about building relationships period. Every person you build a relationship with is going to be a different person with different circumstances...

    That being said first worry about making the connection first, see if there is a need, if there isn't then move on but at least make sure you build up a little rapport and follow up later on down the road.

    Keep things simple.

    If your having a great convo and you've found out there's a need, then I usually just lead into a business type convo and ask closing questions that are actually open ended.

    Mind you the above advice is for straight up prospecting laser targeted people for example on social media platform..

    The other way is what I mainly do now with much success and that is paid advertising that leads through a funnel and prequalifies people on auto pilot for me...

    So when I do talk to them, usually after they've joined they're already interested in my opp and have some questions :-)

    Hope that helps!
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  • Profile picture of the author master reseller
    You won't ever encounter resistance to an MLM if you are marketing to the business opportunity/MLM seeker crowd. You would just need to be on the right forum or Facebook group to find those people. You will get very good results there as many are looking for yet another MLM to earn money with especially if there last one was not so good.
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  • Profile picture of the author jaunsamsel
    The Best Way, you always look all people “who are best and can they join as my downline” downline should always be active, positive, motivated can easily convince people to join a MLM.

    Now I connected on MLM Diary there are many MLM Leaders and all MLM company, I was successful in convincing many people.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alexa Smith
      Originally Posted by jaunsamsel View Post

      I was successful in convincing many people.
      I was in MLM for nearly a year, before I started internet marketing.

      One of the very early things I learned, from a friend of mine who was about 7 years "ahead" of me (in a different company) and already very successful in MLM, was that it's never right to try to convince or persuade anyone to join an MLM. She taught me only ever to show my home-based business opportunity to people who were already looking for a home-based business opportunity. It's easy to sponsor/recruit other people, by persuading/convincing them, but it's also pointless and futile, because none of them will still be with you a year later, building your business for you (by building theirs for themselves): they'll all be among the great majority who drop out because they weren't actively looking for it in the first place, and you had to convince/persuade them.

      "Just my perspective", and offered by someone who's broadly pro-MLM, not anti.

      (Actually it isn't "just my perspective" at all: I think it's probably the perspective of everyone I've ever known who's genuinely become very successful through MLM. That's not very many people, admittedly.)

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  • Profile picture of the author Corina Wise
    If you know what's their hot button, the thing that keeps them up at night. You can pitch right away. If my head on fire and you are selling me a glass of water. I don't care how much it costs, I will find you where ever you are and beg you to give me the water.
    Join me on a journey from $0 to $5,000 or more in 100 days or less as I give you insider access to my personal blueprint. How much extra income do you want to make online today? Start HERE Today
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    You definitely have to ask the right questions. Then know when to pitch them. It takes practice.I like more online mlm systems that do more of the selling for your via sales videos, webinars, sales letter, etc.

    It is better to attract people that are already convinced of the business model. All they need is the little push. That can be done through email marketing. Never convince anyone, just show your results and add value
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