Best Ecommerce platform?

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I want to build an ecommerce site and drop ship my products. I've found a supplier and my products, but now I have to build the website! I'm wondering if it's okay to go with a free wordpress plugin and I'm wondering which one I should use? Or do you think I should use a platform such as zen cart, or buy a monthly subscription for my site using big commerce or shopify.

I was looking for the cheapest method, but the cheapest might not mean the best.

What do you guys think?

Addition info: I'm not a technical whiz so I'm also looking for the easiest method to build an ecommerce site. Thanks!
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    Actually, with WordPress you could go with the entirely free Woo Themes 'WooCommerce' which is a comprehensive web shop plugin. Before you say it can't be any good if it is free it is brilliant-I have used it in the past, it has several payment processor options, PayPal of course Google Wallet, and few others-this has shipping, product presentation all covered. Takes a bit of work to set it up, but is easy and not technical. No affiliate link-just passing on the experience I had with it.

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        I use Wazala and it's quite good, let's you set up a store which you can embed in your site within a matter of hours.

        Another option is Shopify if you need more advanced configuration options.

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          I'm using Big Cartel. You can set it up for free in a matter of minutes. Packages start from free (5 items) to $29 (unlimited). No contracts, you can upgrade/downgrade whenever you want.You can do all the usual features you get with shop front. I've been using Big Cartel for several years without hitch.
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            Really depends on your preference, there's plenty of good ecommerce platforms out there. Shopify would have been the best in my IMO if it didn't have the 2% deducted off of every transaction. Opencart would have been great as well if it have much better support, the support they have sucks and you have to rely on the forum community for help. Perhaps you should try Prestashop.
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              It is really hard to suggest a platform till you explain what you need the cart to do. Building the site should be step 8 or 9 down the road once you figure out what you are selling and what functionality you need. No one can suggest a platform without knowing your specific needs. the one thing I never sugggest, is using wordpress except in very unique circumstances because there are better shopping cart scripts available for you to use.

              When you figure out what you will be selling, then you can figure out what functionality you need, not until then. For example, I like shopify and bigcommerce, but if you need recurring billing, neither will do you any good. If you want to go "cheap", then you are better off looking at opensource. I would check out Opencart or Prestashop which will give you the most bang for the least buck (i.e. inexpensive shared hosting).

              So once you get your niche chosen and your suppliers lined up, then come back and say, I need my shopping cart to do:

              X number of products
              X number of SKU's
              Simple category structure or do you have multiple layers of categories?
              Need recurring orders (consumables)
              Does it need to integrate with any services?
              What are you doing for shipping?
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    I think the best eCommerce platform out there is woocommerce.....

    Its easy to use.... pretty certain you do the drop ship stuff you want as well
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    Shopify or Bigcommerce.
    Nuff said

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    try this one it's recommended by Matt Carter
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    Since I am using my ecommerce store on PrestaShop and I am happy to use. So I would recommend you PrestaShop
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    Open cart is best, free and widely used ecommerce software. You can easily build a physical and digital store.

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    In my opinion if you go for WP e-commerece Themes and templates will be better for many reasons:
    1.WP is easy to mange and use. Friendly
    2. There are many Plugins for different purposes.
    3. You can find some Ready made example
    4. Most of them are responsive .
    5.Elegant and reliable and updated.

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    I have heard shopify is the best e commerce platform to use.
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    You better go for Wordpress and Use Woocommerce as ecommerce platform. It will be easiest for you to manage, your shop. If you need any help in woo commerce, you can PM me.

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    If you are looking for free ecommerce platform, you might want to consider Opencart. The installation process is simple and they have themes you can choose from. Go try for it.
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    I just set up a site using the new prestashop with the default template,, its not finished yet but you can take a peek

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      I think it depends on the size of your ecom business. So far, the best that I reckon for big scale ecommece, is Magento.

      If I'm just managing one site on a small scale, i still prefer wordpress and woo commerce. I've tried Open cart, finding it very confusing to get things done. Its taking too much time to work on it and could take ages to get the store ready. Well, unless you want to outsource.

      So, wordpress is still the best! Just my 2cents.

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    If you don't want any monthly fees, go for WooCommerce which integrates straight into Wordpress. You can then get a WooCommerce compatible WP theme. Lots to choose from.
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    I put in another vote for Woocommerce. Been using it for some time. Love it. Easy to install, set up and works quite well. Plus it keeps getting better.

    Only possible downside, more advanced add-ons are paid. But it comes with pretty much everything out of the box.
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    I am still using Woocommerce.... its great
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    As per your requirement, Magento is best.
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    Woocommerce is my choice. If you're familiar with Wordpress, it's easy to get started. Once you have the extensions that you need, there's no monthly charge other than hosting. There's a CSV import extension that will import the products if your supplier provides a CSV file. The cart is out of the box compatible with Paypal, but many other payment gateways are available.
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    Any of the suggestions are good, however, garnering sales because of lack of traffic will be problematic. The best e-commerce platforms for dropshipping are still Amazon and eBay. My two sense.
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  • Woocommerce all the way easy to use, FREE and the extensions available for low costs take its functionality to a whole new level.

    No ongoing fees like most of the other options out there
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    The Winner


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    Another vote for WordPress and WooCommerce. It's VERY newbie friendly.
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      Woocommerce is my choice and I have used it recently.
      To get back up support and help use - better tutorials and quick support than on woocommerce! Hope this helps.
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    Finally I came up with something that interests me. As a matter of fact I have same question with slight modifications. I would like to know if there is any free e-commerce platform that would let me build my site for free. So please suggest me any proper platform. I have come across number of suggestions. Not over here, but on other forums I have heard buzz of Shopify, Magento, Big Cartel, Tibolli.NET and many others.

    Though I will do deep analysis myself but just to get some time savings, I would really like to know if there's any platform that is free. By free I mean free at all. No plans and nothing.
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    Thanks all senior guys out here. But can you please indicate any one platform that is entirely free. I mean that takes nothing not even for hosting. As a matter of fact there are platforms but majority of them won't let you host for free.
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    I've worked on Shopify and Volusion.
    1) Cheaper monthly costs
    2) Does not charge for bandwidth
    3) UI is pretty good
    1) Does not allow to write SQL queries - makes it difficult to develop custom reports because some of the data export apps do not serve the exact benefit.
    2) Forces you buy apps for almost every custom thing you need.

    1) Allows Custom SQL queries
    2) All custom features are included in the monthly cost.
    1) Charges for bandwidth
    2) Monthly charges are not cheap
    3) UI is not that good.

    Have also tested OpenCart but it needs a good programmer to work on. Haven't tried the others like WooCommerce/Big commerce.

    If used properly (without too many custom features and minimal apps) then shopify would only cost around 79-200$/month but Volusion would most certainly cost more than 700-800$/month because it charges for the bandwidth.

    You must try out Shopify because it provides a 14day free trial and does not cost that much (79$ to start)
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    I have three ecommerce sites - there are all run on WooCommerce and I find it to be fabulous. I have used Big Commerce, and I have tried Shopify, which everyone seems to be using these days. I also test drove one other well known online store platform (can't remember which at the moment), I personally find WooCommerce to be the easiest to use. I find it very intuitive - you don't have spend hours going through tutorials to figure out how to get things up and running. The fact that it is a free WP plugin is a bonus, but it is not the reason I use it. If you are going to do an ecommerce store on WordPress, then WooCommerce is the plug in you need. It is the industry standard ecommerce plug in for Wordpress.
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    I personally use Wordpress, WooComerce and OpenCart for a long time ago. They're powerful and open source so you can control almost thing. The pros of them are you need to know a little bit about technical skills and website management skills. IMO
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    Nothing against open source and free carts solutions but for me the biggest problem was internet security and hackers. I couldn't deal with that.
    I switched to BigC and I don't have to deal with that anymore.
    I understand it is not free but it is only 30 bucks/month. If you are serious about your business that shouldn't be a problem.

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    I have seen that number of you guys are already having their own eCommerce sites but could you please tell me any single platform that is entirely free, I mean no hosting fee, no customization charges. That gives me lot of theme options too.
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      Originally Posted by salmonjames21 View Post

      I have seen that number of you guys are already having their own eCommerce sites but could you please tell me any single platform that is entirely free, I mean no hosting fee, no customization charges. That gives me lot of theme options too.
      You asked the same question 3 days ago,and judging by the lack of answers it may be time to put your hand in your pocket?
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    Market ecommerce platform available several options for businesses, but they are not suitable for all. Platform suitable for you will depend on demand, where you want to store and your IT capabilities.

    Here are 5 e-commerce platform for business best:
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    Try Shopify e-commerce platform, it is the best platform for e-commerce right now.
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    When it comes to starting an online store, there are many things to take into consideration. One of the most important parts of the puzzle is which platform to use to power your e-commerce site.

    I work for a search engine marketing agency, AdFicient, and we do a lot of e-commerce work for our clients. Thus what you are about to read is solely based on my experience working with the following e-commerce platforms.

    There are two major categories with e-commerce platforms: hosted and self-hosted. Hosted simply means that the company will host your store, while self-hosted means they will provide you with software, but you have to get your own Web hosting.

    For stability purposes, I recommend going with hosted versions because you always have dedicated support and chances of it going down due to hosting are slim to none. The downside of hosted software is that you will have to pay a monthly fee, and sometimes it can be pretty high.
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