Looking for Private Live Video Event Streaming (that meets specific criteria)

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post - so I want to start by saying THANK YOU for providing such valuable information on internet marketing. I have learned so much from this forum just by browsing it.

On to the topic...

After spending hours researching and testing many live video streaming and webinar services, I'm still looking for a platform that meets the following criteria:

-Stream Live HD Video
-Multiple Presenters (2-3 on different computers - will be from different countries)
-Private/Protected (Will be charging for workshops)
-100+ Attendees per workshop
-Recording 4+ hrs. each day
-Private chat/Q&A
-(Maybe a few other things I'm forgetting)

Has anyone ever used such a platform? The best I've found so far is GoToWebinar, but the video quality is pretty low res (even though they say HD??)

Thanks for any recommendations or any guidance on this subject!
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