What's the Most Valuable new Domain Extension?

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What's the Most Valuable new Domain Extension out of the 1000+, that are soon to be released? There are so many that will be released. Please don't tell me that all these gTLDs are worthless because the fact is, some of them have value. Most don't have value, but few do.
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    Well pick the ones you think have value because most people think they are useless.

    For SEO they are no good. Google doesn't 'value' extensions so new extensions get buried with all the other oddballs.

    For branding they are no good. Nobody has heard or seen these extensions so unless the domain owner is already a well known brand that can lend its trust to the new domain they just look like spam.

    Look at all the much better TLD domains that did not sell except for a few exceptions.

    Guru has a bad name outside of IM (and even inside it) just check out Mike Meyers last bomb.

    This is, of course, my opinion. It is very possible that the general public could go gaga for .guru. But I doubt it.

    EDIT: Oh wait! I take back everything I said after discovering the GOLD domain gagafor.guru
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