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Hi Guys,

I am a newbie to this internet marketing this. My basic objective is to make 500$/month with a total investment of 40 hours every month (1 hour everyday).

This is after I have setup the business, for which I am willing to spend around 100-200 hours. What are some good alternatives ?

I am thinking to start a test prep blog (GMAT/GRE/TOEFL) for the same.

My other skills involve Quality Assurance of Software Products.

It would be great if someone can suggest software needed to create videos lectures of the type

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    Hi Abhijeet

    There are several questions you need to answer before diving in.

    Have you done any research on the niche(i.e. education in this case) in which you are thinking of entering.

    > If you are thinking of starting a GMAT/GRE/TOEFL test prep blog, how are you planning to earn money from it?
    > Advertising other products on your webpages or charging people for the tests?
    > Do some research on how much is the demand, i.e. are people looking for such a solution online?
    > If yes, are there any free alternatives available which might act as a competitor to you?
    > If yes, what value add would you give from your page so people throng to you? IIRC, there were already some free sample tests being provided for TOEFL by ETS.

    Once you have these answers ready for yourself, getting traffic(both paid & social) should be the easier part.

    If you plan to take the online route, you're most welcome, but you'll need to have answers to all the questions as in an offline business to avoid frustration later on.

    Edit: That video is recorded from a screen capture software and an input pen used for handwriting. Google it, you should be able to find plenty of results.
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      I plan to earn money anyway possible, be it private tutoring or promoting other products(of course the products that have some value).

      I have scored in the 92%ile both in TOEFL and GMAT so I guess I can provide some free advice. I have spent lot of time and know where the best free resources are. They are few and far between. A newcomer will have to spend 6 months before he is aware of the best free resources.

      I am also thinking of rewriting the tests so as to score 99%ile in both the tests that will further boost my credibility. However I am thinking that time may be better spent in establishing the website etc.
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        One thing about this business is you can not really put such a small amount of time on it. At least not when you are first getting started. You are going to need a lot more then an hour a day especially if you are doing everything yourself like when I first got started in the business. I said I would only put an hour a day in at first too but ended up putting in more like 5 or 6 hours a day instead. Much of which was just learning the ropes to get started. What I highly suggest is getting a mentor to help getting you started. You are going to need to outsource some of the work as well. So keep this in mind there are no limits to how much you can make online given you spend the time at making it work.
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    if you want to go with the list building business model with a low 1% ctr & $0.30 epc.

    6000 subscribers = 60 clicks per day @ $0.30 EPC = $540 a month
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    You can use power point 2010 to create your videos. If you have a screen capture video software like Camtasia from TechSmith then you can simply use ms word or notepad and create content as you write content on your pc.
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    Hi, are you looking to make money with affiliate marketing? I used bring the fresh which was quite good. There is also a ton of great advice over at Pat Flynn's smart passive income blog!
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    Are we just going to gloss over the fact that he wants to work an hour a day for a total of 40 hours a month... 30 x 1 = not 40...

    Just giving you crap. Good advice here already, I'll leave it be.
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