How to build list fast and low cost?

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Hi, currently, I have my own website, squeeze page but no much people sign up.

What should I do to get more people sign up my list? Thank you.
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    Offer something really great on your squeeze page, for free, then get traffic to your squeeze page with solo ads or buying banner ads or text ads on related blogs and forums.
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      Btw, thanks you for your all suggestions on paid traffic methods. :-)
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    Buy some solo ads. Split test you squeeze page to find the highest converting one.

    You can recoup your money from buying solos if you have a compelling enough OTO. Like Ryan Deiss said (I think): It's not a traffic problem but an offer problem. Have that killer sales funnel and you can recoup your initial investment so technically you're list building for "free"

    Hope that helps!
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      Originally Posted by IzzuDino View Post

      Buy some solo ads. Split test you squeeze page to find the highest converting one.
      I don't think that doing this through solo ads is the best way to go.

      Just know that most people are already on many lists out there already who bought solo ads before.

      For best results, I would go with pay per click.
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    I agree with greenowl123. You should offer something for free on your website. And do you have any content on your site? I remember when I first started I just had a static page. And I didn't start getting subscribers until I added blog posts and offering free stuff.

    Probably worth a try.

    Good luck to you.
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    I agree with greenowl23 in that you need to offer something of real value for free for your subscribers. A free report, video etc. In order to drive traffic to our site there are some free ways and some paid ways. One free way is to do the traditional article writing, forum marketing/blog commenting or video marketing, For paid traffic you can look into solo ads. I hope this helps.!
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    I do third daily by adding 3,000 plus optins a day. Send to a squeeze offering something free and after they optin sell them on a product that they can use with the free giveaway. Be sure to split test squeeze pages that is where a lot is left on the table
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    Hi Nieve, I see this is your first post, welcome to the forum! Like the other guys said you obviously need a high converting squeeze page and a quality free offer, but assuming you have those things already, you just need to focus on driving traffic.

    You need to understand that you will either have to pay for traffic with your time or with your money. Since you are just getting started I am assuming you want to do free methods (pay for it with your time).

    There are a lot of free methods you can use to build your list, but I stuck to just two methods and built a large, responsive list.

    Below are the two methods I used:

    1) Writing Short Kindle Reports

    Yes, this will take some time but it can result in HUGE traffic. Basically you want to write short report on anything in your niche (around 5,000 words). Before the first chapter write a short paragraph about how you have a free gift for your customers, explain what the free gift is (whatever it is you are giving away on your squeeze page) and then leave a link to your squeeze page telling them they can download it from that site. I also add the same thing at the very end of the book.

    If you join the KDP Select program you are allowed to give away your book for free for 5 days every 90 days. During the 5 days your book is free, it will be getting downloaded thousands of times. Even if just 1-2% of the people click on the link and sign up, that can results in a large amount of subscribers.

    The cool thing about this strategy is once it's done you can use it over and over again for 5 days every 90 days!

    2) Adswaps

    No surprise here. Adswaps have worked well in the past and still work well today. Once you get around 1,000 subscribers using the Kindle method you can then start doing adswaps with other marketers.

    Hope this helps! Don't underestimate the power of using Kindle. It does take some work up front but it will continue to work for you over and over again

    Good luck!
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    All the usual advice...offer something for free, buy solo ads, use a squeeze page....I bet that's EXACTLY what he's currently doing and why he's here posting that it doesn't work.

    The best way to build a QUALITY list of subscribers who actually open, read, click and take action is to first give them exceptional value upfront BEFORE asking for anything.

    So you send them to a site full of great content and show them that you know their stuff then they willingly opt in to stay updated / hear more from you without any need to bribe them with free ebooks.

    When it's done this way you'll receive high open and click rates, build a relationship and trust and people will buy from you.

    Send cold traffic, particularly junk traffic like most solo ads are, to a squeeze page and FORCE people to opt in to get something they might not even want in the end results in low open and click rates, low sales and no relationship in 99% of cases.

    They give you emails they never check, download the ebook and never read it, don't open your follow up emails, mark them as spam or send them off to junk folders.

    Scrap the squeeze page. Throw the free ebook in the digital bin. Put the money you were going to waste on solo ads back into your wallet and build a site filled with really great content that solves the problems people in your niche have (use forums, blogs and Q&A sites to find questions they ask) and make sure you have plenty of options for them to opt in for more of the same great content.

    When they are on your list don't think you can start spamming them with offers just keep sending them more of the same that's on your site with genuine product recommendations mixed in that you know work and will solve their problems.
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    To get the very best results so that you get a good amount of leads per day, I would go with pay per click ads.

    Just make sure that you only work with the big names like Yahoo, Bing, or Google.
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    Make it enticing, attractive and offer something special for the visitors.
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    for fast & lowcost as possible i recommend this kind of funnel:
    Sq > bonus page (4-5 bonuses that links to cb partners). and thats it.

    step1: Find reputable click banking to send 1st to (3 partners 50 clicks each or depending on your how much you can investment in traffic).

    step2: invest in a rotator to distribute your clicks more efficiently (i use my click boss, its a rotator and a link tracker).

    step3: buy funnel clicks (usualy $0.30 per clicks)

    as the traffic opt in (40% average) they are directed to a bonus page. each person may click once, twice, or three times on a bonus link which produces extra traffic for you coming from click banking partners.

    if fast & low cost as possible is the goal when starting out. i found this type of funnel most effective. if you do want to make money as a 2nd priority it will have to rely on your autoresponder.

    this funnel should product 120% clicks to your cb partners which in return is extra traffic to your squeeze page that builds your list.
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    If you have a squeeze page that converts well then you can drive traffic using solo ads or facebook. There are many people selling solo ads on this forum.

    If you want to use Facebook then create a fancebook page and post some content. Create a post on your facebook page that leads people to your squeeze page. Now use facebook ads to promote the post on your facebook page.

    Alternately you can create a tab on your facebook page that has your opting page (iframed) and then you can use fb ads to send traffic to the tab.
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    Purchase Solo Ads
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      Build something interesting and get most share in social.

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    The only problem I have with giving away a free ebook is how it will attract many freebie seekers who will get the goods and then unsubscribe. Maybe giving away a free chapter of an ebook you have for sale is a better option. Don't just give away the first chapter, make it a good one, with actual content that is worth signing up for. Another option is the email course, such as ten days of tips. That works too as it forces the subscriber to stay subscribed to benefit from everything you have to say, rather than attracting someone who is just looking for a free item.

    Would you like to learn how I make $2000/month from a super easy listbuilding system?

    Click here to get my listbuilding report for FREE!

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    Thanks for your all reply.

    In fact, I am not that prefer to paid method as my budget is limited. But I am quite interested with creating great content & Short Kindle Reports.

    eagle22, can you explain more about how to create and upload short kindle report?

    Stuart, can you give me some ideas about creating great content?

    Thank you.
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    If you have a decent quality product, find another blogger who will review your product on their blog and then provide a follow up in their email to their own subscribers. Ask for an honest review. Then ask the person to sample your newsletter to see if it contains the content they would be looking for and review this on their site too. If the content is good, they are likely to recommend both. Then get a link directly to your squeeze page, rather than asking for a link to the home page. This personal recommendation by another site owner for your product/email list, etc will likely be enough to stimulate new sign ups.
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    Post in forums related to your niche, and have the link to your squeeze page in your signature.
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    Originally Posted by Nieve Lee View Post

    Hi, currently, I have my own website, squeeze page but no much people sign up.

    What should I do to get more people sign up my list? Thank you.
    Send paid traffic to your squeeze page offering them a high value product (it should be a genuine one) for free. Depending on your niche you could use Adwords, Bing, Facebook or even 7search to send paid traffic. If targeted correctly you can have a massive and responsive list within a few days.
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    TEST, TEST & TEST again!

    Test different headlines against one another.

    Is your headline TOO BORING?

    People want excitement, something that can give them what they're looking for.

    This doesn't mean you have to be misleading in anyway though.

    Just make your offer sound exciting, give it some personality.

    If you can back it up with some figures then add those to your squeeze page.

    People love to see figures and stats as it gives them something to visualize they
    could possibly achieve too.

    All the best to all at the W.F.
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      Since your looking for free options, buying solos is out of the question until your funnel is at the point where you profit off your paid traffic.

      I would start click banking, using FB groups it isn't hard to find people to send first and once you have 500 clicks incoming, you can start using that traffic from multiple people to return clicks.

      Join 3-4 forums related to your niche that allow a signature link. Post 5-10 times a day and track which forums bring you the most traffic so you can scale the winners and dump the losers.

      Start a blog in your niche and target long-tail keywords so you don't have to spend money on SEO. Add opt-in forms to the site and again, focus on at least 3-4 quality articles a week to build organic traffic.

      Post once or twice a day on Facebook and 1/2 other social media sites promoting your giveaway report.

      Join a JV giveaway event each month once you can provide the minimum number of clicks if required.

      None of those methods require any money, only time. After you are able to monetize your new subscribers, you can use paid methods.

      Thanks, Shane
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    You need to drive traffic, but more importantly, make that traffic profitable.

    Yes, I'm indicating both investment and a capable sales process to be requisite functions.
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    To try and get people to opt in to my free report, I continue to work on the quality of posts on my blog and I post to forums and other internet marketing blogs. I work on finding the best keywords for my blog posts as free SEO and I'm learning how to make youtube videos. The key for me is to stick to it, stay motivated and do the work. Hopefully with time, the traffic will come.
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  • Just about every person involved in internet marketing has ask the same question at one time or another.

    Why because the answer to your question is so simple that most people find it hard to believe. Don't try and re invent the wheel. Give something of value for FREE to your subscribers for subscribing to your list.
    It is just that Simple.
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    Originally Posted by Nieve Lee View Post

    Hi, currently, I have my own website, squeeze page but no much people sign up.

    What should I do to get more people sign up my list? Thank you.
    Stuart Walker made a few good points in his post about content-orientated sites. Consider doing that too.

    I run a few ppc to squeeze page to email lists. It's true that you'll get a percentage of folk signing up to blag a free ebook etc. AND your engagement rate will start to drop off by the month.

    Of course amongst your subscribers you'll get your hungry crowd. Those are the folk you want to deal with the most.

    Look at your open rates. Who're the folks most opening your emails to them? Is there anything extra you could do for them?

    Naturally when you're amassing subscribers you can drill down with your ppc. So you pre-qualify your potential subscribers upfront.

    But you get a few freebie hunters.

    I whittle my ppc ads down to pennies a click. But it's still money wasted (just less).

    A good Autoresponder/ Follow Up sequence right from the off can help you establish the relationship. These put product offers in front of your subscribers immediately. In essence you're educating them to buy from you.

    It works to an extent if your products are on message. And if you keep producing good useful information-packed content in your regular emailer.

    It's work though. And you'll produce a lot of content. A 3 to 1 ratio of content (with ads) and pure admail is good ratio to use.

    The good news you can use all your content to create a content-site. I'm more sold on the content style sites now. Using that as a platform to promote my own content. And encouraging email sign up.

    Also remember Youtube amongst others. This is a great way to promote your email list. By making useful info packed clips. And encouraging people to signup to your email list by writing a powerful header and description etc etc.

    And remember...Your Squeeze page has to contain a great header and deck. and your free product's got to be worth being bothered about.

    If I was starting a few of these list ideas again from scratch I'd probably go the CMS content site route for most of them.

    And use a lightbox signup to pop on top of my articles as your potential subscriber gets 3/4's the way down.

    Email is a great and immediate medium. It's just it's probably better to go the content site (with subscribe options) route because of it's sem/seo abilities. And because email is - to an extent - a fast throw away medium.

    Although building an email list is way better than the latest social media boondoggle...

    Good luck
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    Few ways:

    1) PPC

    2) Social

    3) Youtube

    4) High traffic website advertising

    5) Joint ventures
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    There are second tier solo ad providers and then you have high end providers that cost a pretty penny. Don't be fooled...

    Affiliate links, templates, and redirects are not allowed.

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    great share information here!

    @eagle22; is the 5 day for free on amazon a one time event for everny new seller account on azon or for every new kindle?

    Also every new kindle get these 5 day free option on azon?

    Can I see the viewer for my kundle when I logged in in my amazon affiliate account?

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    Sounds like your having trouble driving traffic to your squeeze page. Try looking into video marketing or taking part in a JV giveaway. You can get lot's of targeted leads that way!
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    Create one video daily related to your site and giveaway and upload it to Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vimeo. You'll clearly see the result in the next few days.

    To viral your video on youtube you should check some views, subs, likes services.
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      you wanna some help and dont show your page . how anyone can really help you ? we are marketers and not magicians ))
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    @eagle22; when it's true that in most cases only1-2% from the people who have download your short kindle for free optin in to your list, is that not very lousy?

    When your kindle has 1000 downloads, 1% of them are=10 opt ins?

    Not a super idea to build a huge list ,fast and for free.

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