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I recently started working for a Telemarketing company as an outbound sales rep. The company I work for acts or represents as a third-party/affiliate, selling other companies services to businesses by way of telemarketing.

The campaign I am on as a telesales rep is a very large well known Website design and hosting company. So my job is to sell a specific website package over the phone.
I am looking for some advice to a few concerns I have. The company is set up as a professional telemarketing operation,using a predictive dialer+software with each telesales rep having their own computer and headset. However, my biggest area of concern(and why im seeking out your advice) has to do with the Leads....

There is no consistency with regards to the industry/location/etc. of the business leads that the dialer/software makes. The only info on the lead that's displayed to me(98% of the time) is a persons first name, phone#,source of the lead, and sometimes a business name(which alot of times isnt correct or isnt even an actual business). The source's that the leads are generated from are a variety of different survey type website.

So my job is to basically introduce myself(assuming the person that answers is the name on the lead/owner) and the company I am representing. Inform them that I am calling because they were on xyz website and had requested more information on building a website. And then persuade them to purchase a website package right then. And if you do get someone that is genuinely interested and wants to purchase, But ive caught them at a bad time and want me to call them back later the same day, its discouraged/frowned upon for us to set an appointment up to call them back later.

So some questions I have......
1. Are the leads as I described above(vague in detail) pretty common among most telemarketing companies?

2. Are there predictive dialers/software that are able to generate more info about the leads/businesses and categorize them by industry and location?

I have read through alot of threads and blogs that talk about how to best sell websites over the phone.
One Thread posting on a forum i came across by Jason kanigan that resonates alot with me, talks about the importance of starting in one market or niche for atleast one day and not hopping around from market to market. Also knowing some stats about the market before hitting the phones....like the # of people searching monthly for xyz niche business in xyz city. Both on their computers as well as their mobile devices.
There is alot more helpful advice that he covers in his posting, however my biggest concerns/hurdles are what I have posted above. And would greatly appreciate any advice that could help me overcome these issues!??
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