I am Looking for Affiliates. What's the Best Way to Do That?

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I am looking for affiliates for my digital product on Clickbank. What's the best way to do that? Am I allowed to call out to affiliates here or does it have to be a 'Special Offer'? Any tips would be much appreciated. Cheers!

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    I'd say, sign up on JvNewsWatch.com and contact a few affiliates there. If your product isn't launched yet, list it there to get maximum exposure.

    Hope that helped.

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    Originally Posted by nivlek2009 View Post


    I am looking for affiliates for my digital product on Clickbank. What's the best way to do that? Am I allowed to call out to affiliates here or does it have to be a 'Special Offer'? Any tips would be much appreciated. Cheers!

    As was already mentioned you should check out jv news watch. On second part to that you are already in a good spot to start picking up some jv partners through this site. You can offer a special bonus to members of the war room. You can post a jv post in the jv section on the forum. Create an alternate sales copy and post a wso using warrior plus. Offer jvs tools to help get them started promoting your product by signing up to your list. It will only take one vital marketer to help explode your offer to the next level.
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    If you have a product in the IM market, you can use sites like Joint Venture (JV) Marketing + Networking Community, muncheye.com and othe JV sites to launch your product. This will give your product some visibility to attract affiliates.
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    There is a JV section here too:

    Warrior Joint Ventures
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    I would suggest using the key words for you product and doing a search in google to find websites that are in the same niche that your product helps. As long as your product is not in direct competition to their products, offer product as an additional income stream.

    Give them a copy to review. You could also sweeten the pot by offering to advertise one of two of their products on your download page.

    Naturally you'll want a commission for any sales of their products.

    You can also approach blogers in your niche and do the same thing even if they don't have a product of their own.

    Doing joint ventures can catipult your business to the next level very quickly.

    You can build your own affiliate program really quickly if you are using your own self hosted affiliate program that pays instant commissions to the affiliates.

    That way the affiliates that you do get have to sign up to your affiliate program in order to promote the product. Now you are building your own personal affiliate program.

    The instant commissions is a key to getting affiliates who don't know you to sign up to your program if they don't have a clue who you are.

    If you use services like JVZoo, ClickBank, and Warrior Plus, your are building their affiliate base and not necessarily your own affiliate army.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Depending on what your ebook is about, internet marketing and affiliate forums might be the best place to find affiliate marketers for your product. These people are already in the business and have prior training and won't need to be hand held through the sales process. You'll want to cultivate your affiliate network by offering email training and newsletters with marketing tips specifically designed for your ebook. For every major holiday, you could provide special banners and email copy for the affiliate marketer to use. Be available by chat for your affiliate marketers, just in case they have questions and need some guidance.

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    Be sure to have your own affiliate tools page with email swipes and maybe banners they can use. Put an opt-in form on that page for sure and start building a list of affiliates you can go back to with each product you launch. This is really what drives your sales numbers through the roof over time. It can be the difference between 100 sales and 1000 (or more).
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    Last year at some point, I was told that it's difficult to find JV partners and affiliates to sell my products because I wasn't known. That's what a marketer said to me and said it would be difficult because nobody knew me, the quality of my products so they would be hesitant to work with me.

    With JvNewsWatch.com, is that not the case as well? Or would they work with someone and be an affiliate/jv partner with someone fairly new and not really known in IM circles?

    Just curious to know.
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    When you're new, the easiest solution is to offer very high commissions to affiliates, and to offer them commissions on multiple products in the point-of-purchase funnel.

    Like this:

    Front end product (100% commission) > OTO/Upsell (75% commission) > Downsell (50%)

    That's going to attract more affiliate attention simply because most of them are motivated by the money, of course.

    OK, so that's one way. But you also need to overcome the "I don't know this guy" objection. You can do that by planning ahead and giving some people review copies ahead of time and asking them to provide you with testimonials. Post those on your JV page so potential affiliates can see what people who have already seen your product think of it. In addition to that, offer to give affiliates a review copy to see for themselves. You need to plan ahead and do these things at least a few days before you launch the product.
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      I vote for JVnewswatch too. Offer 100% commissions in the beginning and once you have a bunch of affiliates, you wouldn't need to hunt for them - they come to you and you can fall back to 75%.
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