Software or Info product ?

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When it comes to WSO's, what are people more likely to buy? E-courses about how to make money or software that automate some of their tasks?
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    Creating software generally has a higher percieved value than an info product.
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    To be honest software will be valuable because people always want something that can ease their headaches in a certain area of their business, but if you want to get up and running as soon as possible for as little as possible then you should go the product creation route.

    You can always pay to get your software built the only thing is you may have to pay a programmer a lot of money if you cant create the software yourself.
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    Software will always be in demand, but it has to be very targeted. WP plugins are one of the most popular search terms regarding WSOs.
    That said, it never hurts to combine the 2. Come up with a brilliant concept, package it up as a WSO, and include the software that will get it done.
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      Software will always be in demand, but it has to be very targeted. WP plugins are one of the most popular search terms regarding WSOs.
      That said, it never hurts to combine the 2. Come up with a brilliant concept, package it up as a WSO, and include the software that will get it done.
      Mark's right. You can demand more if develop a "system", which is basically a software and info product that works together.
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    If you're able to create a high in demand software.. then go with the software.. you will have more success & sales with it
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      Originally Posted by William2010 View Post

      If you're able to create a high in demand software.. then go with the software.. you will have more success & sales with it
      You are right. Actually I have just created an order and inventory management software and I hope it will also become more success.
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    I'd say that you can get away with charging more for a piece of software ($47) and less for an information product ($7).

    But you then might sell 1000 at $7 but then only 150 at $47 and you're going to be making about the same.

    If you were to compare software and an info product at the same price you'd probably sell more of the software though.
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    Probably the ideal method is to have both. I've noticed this several times when I come across a site selling a useful piece of software OR an information product.

    A smart marketer (and I'm not saying I'm a smart marketer by any means) focuses on either the information product or the software alone. He refers to this as his "front end" and sells it cheaply with the aid of a sales page that explains how you can earn $xxx a day or week very easily with it.

    Then when you've purchased, before you get to the download page, he'll hit you with his super-duper offer of the software as well (if you've just bought the info product) or the info product (if you've just bought the software) and which, you're told, will make you even more money, or make the whole process much easier and faster.

    This is the "back end" product, which, of course, as it's so valuable and will earn you so much more money, is priced much higher, and is where the seller makes most of his money.

    I'm not saying this is wrong, or that such products are of no value. Many are very valuable if you use them right and don't get distracted. But that is the perfect business for the seller. Whether it will work for you is up to you.

    I hope this helps.
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    Making product is far more beneficial these days. And with software you should be well aware what is going around with latest technology that cope up with the demand of people. You should do with software's and make them more interesting and appealing.
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      From my perspective...its software for sure.

      I've been doing it for 6 years

      • Software products are priced higher. so your commissions are higher
      • Software products have a much higher perceived value than any written course.
      • 'QUALITY' Software products are evergreen products...... Not like the 'flavor of the month' products that are only popular for a short time.
      • The refund rate for software products is almost non-existent, or at worst case scenario, extremely low, unlike those typical IM or Clickbank courses where refund rates can easily be into mid double figures.
      • Competition is low - That means making sales will be so much easier to make. Unlike those 'next big thing' products where there are literally hundreds of affiliates all scrambling and fighting trying to grab a few measly bucks from a product launch
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    Although I'm a big supported of Information Products, I believe that software will sell better if it's really targeted to suit the needs and solve various problems that people have.

    You probably will have to be adamant about keeping up with latest trends/problems people are having to really make it successful.
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    Originally Posted by bluebrain View Post

    When it comes to WSO's, what are people more likely to buy? E-courses about how to make money or software that automate some of their tasks?
    You'd at first think 'software' because of recurring residual potential. And also you might think 'higher asking prices'.

    BUT! Pay heed to what Magnetic said about the typical 'sales funnel model.

    The 'front and and back end' of info products.

    My cheapest basic info products are short special reports for 5 quid. But I sell 'front end' info products for 5, 11, 17, 37, 47, 95.97 etc.

    My back end products sell for up to 997. And I'm working on back end products that'll be up to 5 grand a pop.

    So my answer would be:

    A) Which is easier for you to 1) Licence 2) Create yourself If you need to ?

    B) Which = 'software' or 'info products' = do you possess the most passion to sell?

    Reason being is you must communicate that passion to your prospects and customers in order to make sales. So what really scuushes you and gets you out of bed in the morning?

    C) Who do you know that - IF necessary - you could rope in to help you create these products IF you need to.

    Its always better and faster if you licence products instead. But sometimes you'll need to create something yourself.

    Good Luck

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    Make both and sell both. Best of both worlds. Do you marketing good and you will make money whenever you want.... with any kind of product.
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    Information products like ebooks & videos are the best because the support requirements are much less compared to a software product. You should promote software only if you have a tested and proven product that you can support on ongoing basis.
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    All, software and ebooks are great but you must find what people need to automate a task or learn something like step by step guides
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    I say, creating an info product would be much more easier than softwares. Unless, you've already know how to code, go for softwares.
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    Info products all the way.

    People always seem to pump up software and make it seem like all fun and games.

    As a developer and (paranoid) IT dude, let me tell you my side of the coin...

    I personally HATE selling software. In my opinion, there's too much liability.

    What if a plugin crashes someone's website? What if to no fault of your own, your software causes a malfunction on someone's system? (And what if that person is very annoying and holds you liable for damage?)

    Even worse, and more probable; what if someone claims that your software caused a problem when it actually didn't? (As someone with years IT experience, this happens all the time). - Do you really want to deal with that liability and annoyance?

    And then you have to think about updates, patches, and quality.

    IMO, software is much more difficult to do well than most people imagine.

    (But of course, people have made billions selling software. I just don't think it's as easy or seamless as most people realize).

    Just my $.02
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    Software has to be updated, info products not so much...
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    Info products used to be good but seems like with tons of information and blogs, they have less value compared to software.

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    This days people are looking how to make there stuffs quickly and simple.
    software is the only way to reach there target.
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    I'd also have to vote for software, though it might require more upfront work, it has more value for the customer and stays usefull much longer than infoproducts, especially wso's that are always targeting the latest trends.

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    Software is always worth making, it's much easier to promote than yet another informational WSO that says exactly the same as every other WSO.
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    Software as a service (SaaS) and charge monthly fees.
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    Software is generally better ( but more expensive to develop ).

    Information, in my opinion and from my observations, is much better only when:
    * you offer something really unique
    * when you have results and you can show them ( not the usual "make 100000000$ per day working 1 minute" BS ) - show them that you can do it and they will follow you
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    Both - Only If - They fill an Urgent NEED...So, Proper Market/Audience research is first Step...After that you can go whether the software or the info product route...Just get the basics right first...
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    Software unless you have a reputation for what you are selling as an info product.
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    I am highly unlikely to buy info products on how to make money. I do buy some info products on other things, but I buy software more than anything.
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    I would say video courses on how to make money online. I personally really enjoy learning how people do it on video? You get that sense of realism and lowers peoples guard down, letting people know it's easier then they think!

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    I preferred software specially created from c#, you will be a rich man if your software can automate in social marketing ...
    I know how to run my ads using Facebook PVA without any problem.
    Please don't stop asking If you willing to know!

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    Software or Info product i think But only if
    it provide real Value and solve problems ,
    and if you have good traffic / and JV .
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    Off course many people more likely to buy software product rather than info product , because making quality software product that usefull and free bugs, 24 hours live support are a lot harder than making info product. You need coding, design, logical, writing, planning skill that consuming a lot of time and effort.

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    It's really to manage from Inventory management software Pricing of your Products and easily convey to customers Info about your Product to get this software you should go with
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