Another reason why affiliate marketing is a good starting point

by Zeus66
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I, like many IM'ers, got my real start in IM by doing affiliate marketing. In my case, it was Adsense way back when they first launched that program (2003-2004). I've moved on, but I always count myself lucky to have gotten my feet wet by starting off as an affiliate marketer.


Well, you always hear the common reasons: easy to do, don't need your own products, no inventory to keep, no worries about customer service, etc.

But I have one more to add to the mix, and in my opinion it has the biggest money making potential in the long run: it can lead to becoming an info product creator/seller!

If you think of learning to do affiliate marketing as paying your dues, you're learning a very marketable skill. Teach it to others after doing it yourself for a little while and (hopefully) having some success. Once you're at that point, create an info product about your experiences and sell it!

Trust me as someone who has done both - there's no comparison. You'll take your business to the next level if you move from doing affiliate marketing to being the one creating and selling the products.

The advantages are numerous:
  • You'll have a list of people who have bought from you (instead of building someone else's list) that you can sell other things to.
  • You'll build a brand around yourself (instead of helping someone else build theirs).
  • You can get your own affiliates so your business snowballs with each product you put out.
Best of all, your info product will be about something you actually did, not just a bunch of theory. That always resonates better with potential customers than just passing along knowledge without any personal experience attached to it.

I say take the long view here if you're just getting into IM and want to do this for more than a quick hit of cash. Learn the ropes of affiliate marketing first, with an eye toward parlaying what you learn into a lucrative info product business.

And it doesn't have to stop there. Many of us move from just being product creators into even more lucrative offshoots, like coaching, mentoring, and consulting.

But ultimately you need to be the one whose name is on the cover to really start killing it.
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    Great advice again John.

    I've been Amazon Affiliate Marketing for the past few years and I really think it has given me some of the skills, but by no means all of them, to make a good go at Digital Product creation!

    Everyone's got to start somewhere and for anyone out there wondering how to cut their teeth in IM, why not throw up a site, write some quality product reviews/articles and start earning some affiliate commissions.

    Hey, if I can do it...


    Jon Crimes
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    Excellent point! I am in the early stages of my marketing career, and already thinking along the same lines as you have just pointed out.
    I am in the Amazon affiliate program. Slowly I am learning the basics. Choosing the right keywords, on page SEO, off page SEO, link building ( the right way),content creation

    I am already making notes, jotting ideas, on a future product/course I could create to yield the big bucks.
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      Good points. However I think it's all good. Doing your own products or selling other people's products, it depends on your strengths and preferences. I'm not keen on the selling / promotion side of things, but there's always something to learn along the way. I'm learning about sales pages right now, and I think it's important to know, but when it comes to actually designing it, I'll probably go to fiverr and let someone do it. But then I'll ask for people to give their opinions and I'll see if it does well. Then I'll learn whatever I can from it and apply it in future.

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    Lots of good information by Zeus66. One can easily start by promoting affiliate offers and then slowly start creating own products. Affiliate marketing is the simplest way to make money online if one can create content consistently and be persistent.
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