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I have a dumb question. I'm in a bit of a financial pickle (a dog who just had $5,000 surgery, a cat fighting a nasty infection, and my dad is in ICU), and I'm trying to get some extra money.

For some background, I used to be an active marketer, but after a number of issues, I took a year off to do some soul searching. However, now that I think I've got my life straightened back out, I'm ready to get back into marketing. The problem being that I need start-up money and I have a lot of medical bills to pay.

I have some articles that I wrote originally for my own use, but seeing as how I need money quickly, I wanted to sell them here. The bad thing is, I have no idea where to advertise them! I just want a thread where I can post articles to sell (and maybe offer an article service) since it's taking forever for Constant Content to get around to approving me.

Should it go in the classified ads section? That's where I'd assume it would go, but I'm just not certain.

Sorry for asking such a dumb question, but I'm stumped.
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