My Introduction and Personal Daily Journal to Success for a Newbie

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My video Introduction

Hello, My name is Shane Hale, I have been lurking for awhile and adding some comments from time to time. The main thing besides watching and reading hours and hours on many different types of internet marketing.

I have decided after 2 years to really buckle down and take action on really making money online. I will be doing daily videos about my progress and money that I make trying different things like CPA,List building,PPC,Bum Marketing. I hope this video isn't too tacky but I really want to connect with positive minded people in the internet marketing world.

Each campaign or project I do to make money online. I will use Camtasia to record the before and after. Even the failures!!

I have been working in Telecom for about 10 years and really want to be successful online. I will keep blogging or Vlogging daily on my progress.

I have built a email list of 47 great people some of you guys who are on here and built some cool relationships from them and not only helped others with setting up their Wordpress Blogs,SEO,motivation and research. I have actually learned somethings in return from them. It is all about giving back and expecting nothing except friendship.

I enjoy meeting more people online and sharing my failures as well as my successes online!

That being said, after 2 years of studying SEO,Copywriting,Video marketing,PPC,CPA and List building.

Thanks to awesome products I have reviewed I came up with my list of awesome gurus and their specialties which are the best in my opinion! I have learned SOO much from their products and blogs.

Thank you Warrior Forum for connecting me to these guys. Find a niche join a forum like this and immerse yourself read read read and find the people you think are the ones you will learn from!

Mass Control -Frank Kern InfoMillionaire Kern and Trey Smith Kern = Cialdini of IM

CPA and PPC - Matt Trainer,Gauther Chauldry,Amish Shah Amit Mehta, Anik Singal

LBC List Building Club-Tellman Knudson and Brian Edmundson

SimpleWritingSystem-Copy Writing John Carlton also late Gary Halbert Letters

Joint Ventures and Brokering-Bob Serling

Video Hijacker-Jason Moffatt

Butterfly Marketing-Mike Filsaime

Bum Marketing-Travis Sago

Organization and Successful Thinking - Eben Pagan, Rich Schefren

Squidoo - PotPieGirl

Niche Research and Marketing - Ed Dale Thirty Day Challenge

SEO - Andy Jenkins Stompernet,John Reece,Howie Schwartz and Kim Roach

That is my simple list and I want to thank you for your products and contributions to the Internet Marketing World. Now it is time for me to take some action I hope video wasn't too tacky and I hope to help others starting out to stay motivated and maybe learn from my mistakes from me finally recording my action that I am about to take =)
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