Best internet marketing PLR packages?

by Charybdis 7 replies

I am looking for fresh, quality and unique infoproducts and articles with PLR in the internet marketing niche.

Could you please recommend some sources? Membership sites are preferred, because hopefully I can get there fresh content.

And how do you make money with PLR products and articles? Is it worth doing this? Do you modify the articles and the products, or what are the best strategies if you want to make money with PLR?
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    Try Here they even have video tutuorials to help take you through the process of modifying all the material you get, how to repackage it etc.

    Also, today, Thursday September 4th, is re-opening, DEFINITELY worth checking out I say. The site owner is a warrior here, check him out, hit him up about any questions, Paul Evans.
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    I think you are in need of updated information regarding PLR products, It takes more time if you search in this manner better go for the best experts and take advise of them for good results. In today's generation , Who to trust in internet marketing is a difficult task.
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      What is a relatively small membership size? Max. 500 members?

      I wonder what happens, if multiple people post the same PLR articles as web content. This causes duplicate content, doesn't it? So I should rewrite all PLR articles with my own words, before posting them on my website?
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