Google analytics and wishlist member: experiments and goal tracking. url of the successful sale page

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I use Wishlist Member to manage all the download areas for our different programs. So numerous membership levels, each one for a different program. It works really well.
I want to run some Google Analytics Experiments to split test my sales pages and also set up Goals correctly in my Google Analytics account.

To do this, I need to paste into Google Analytics the url from my site which is the successful sale page (so the thank you page after a successful sale). There needs to be a different url for each product.

Now this is where it gets difficult.
I can't find anywhere how to get this. The problem is:
  • Each successful sale url is dynamically generated for each member
  • If I compromise instead and just put the url for the member dashboard, every time they log in to access their resources it triggers analytics to think there has been another sale.

I'm sure there must be thousands of wishlist members who are successfully running split tests but I can't find the solution anywhere?

If it helps, I'm using the following combo:
  • wordpress
    optimize press
    wishlist member

Very grateful for any help.
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    Hi Janet,

    There are 3 solutions to set the goals correctly:

    1. Using the after registration page for each level as the successful sale in Google analytics. In this way, you will need to create different after registration page for each program and redirect the user to that page after he complete the registration.

    2. You can use Google analytics regex to specify a generic URL that represents the page that is dynamically generated. In this case, if someone is getting to this page, which will occur only after a successful sale, it will be marked as a goal completion.
    This solution is great, but it can be broke if InfusionSoft or Wishlist Member will change the URL structure in the future.

    3. Develop a custom plugin for Wishlist Member that will enable you to push an event after any successful sale. The event will be different for each level.
    This is the most effective solution, but it also not the free one.

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      Hi Danits,
      Thanks heaps for a great reply.
      I think I'll try option 2. My techy thinks she may have found the solution, in that the link is the same for all my membership types, just a place in the url changes according to the SKU number of the product. So I'll try using these links and see if they work.

      If not, I'll try again another way. Unfortunately, with Wishlist, I don't think you can do option number 1?

      It amazes me the answer is not readily available. Surely there must be heaps of people out there split testing their sales pages and using wishlist member.
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        Hi Janet,

        Your welcome! Glad it helped...

        Regarding option number 1, it is possible if you define the goal's URL as the "after registration page" for each level (not the registration page), since you can create a different page that stays permanent for every level.

        The flow goes like this:

        The customer completes the purchase in the checkout form >> returns to the registration page >> completes the registration >> redirected to the after registration page (which you can set as a goal for each level.

        One of my developers has developed a plugin that automates the registration process. You can read more about it in

        Good luck

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    Even with setting all this up in a way that I thought was correct (dynamic urls handled, analytics info integrated with clickbank, etc) my goals are ALWAYS off. They work, but are useless.

    And the metric isn't a standard one that I can decipher a ratio from (ie, always 25% off, or something).

    To be honest, I got fed up with analytics goals and wishlist. Using has been more reliable but never 1-to-1 accurate.

    In an old interview (2008?) between Kern and Pagan it was said that literally all tracking is off and they factor a level of discrepancy into the reporting because of it.

    danits, I'm looking into your plugin for autoregistration - have you found this helps with the goal tracking process or is just helps the customer experience?
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      Hi Neison,

      Regular Google Analytics code and Clicky code are javascript and in most cases, unless you custom design the code it loads only after the page is fully loaded.

      Because of that, no matter what you do, you will inaccuracies in your goals and in your analytics generaly.

      As for Wishlist Auto Registration, the plugin solves the two most recurring problems that happen with new and existing members in Wishlist Member.

      The problems are (as described in the sales page): incomplete registrations for new users and duplicate users for existing members that upgrade to anther level.

      As for the goals, because the plugin redirects the user without manually register him, then the after registration page becomes a more reliable page for the goal code (since the users will always land on that page).

      Also, the auto registration process eliminates the need to use special regex expression in Google analytics goals settings.

      Hope that helps.

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    Thanks danits. We bought the plugin and clickbank add-on today. I know support for registration has been a mild headache for my partner so we look forward to seeing it in action.
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    Hi Janet/Danits, I found this thread as I am attempting to do the same thing on my wishlist member site and was hoping you might be able to help!

    I have been back and forth with google on this and I think the issue is this:

    I use 1shoppingcart, which hosts the checkout pages on their domain (I assume this is the same for many carts). The integration with Wishlist and 1ShoppingCart is to set the thank you URLs for your products in 1ShoppingCart to a specific URL provided by Wishlist...

    This "thank you URL" looks something like this:


    With the XXXX being unique to my account.

    This thank you URL then redirects new customers to the After registration page. So customers are moving across domains as follows:

    My sales page -> 1shoppingcart pages -> //index.php/register/XXXXXX.php -> After registration page.

    Google Analytics can be set up to track different domains as a single domain, however it requires a simple adjustment to the analytics tracking code and I am having a hard time adding it to the //index.php/register/XXXXXX.php page. Without getting the code on that page, the tracking seems to "break," and all visitors of my after registration show up in google analytics reports as new direct visitors and you lose all of the data that matters about how they got to you sales page etc.

    I have tried several of the standard ways to add tracking code to wordpress sites (plugins, tracking code fields in the theme itself) but none of them seem to add it to this specific //index.php/register/XXXXXX.php page.

    I suspect it is because //index.php/register/XXXXXX.php is not a "standard" wordpress page but something generated by the wishlist member software, perhaps in a different way that does not invoke plugins.

    Does that make sense? Has anyone dealt with this issue successfully?

    Thanks so much in advance for any replies!
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