Influence Aged Domain or Website in the eyes of SEO ( Google or other SE )

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Apparently there are still a lot wrong with this on , though more clearly note the following points :
  1. Aged domains are domains that are at least 1 year old .
  2. Aged website is a website ( which already includes didalamya domain ) which also aged more than one year in living nichenya .\\
  3. Aged domains pengaruhya to say no ( or very little ) in the eyes of SEO because the domain does not have the content / niche that needed search engine
  4. Aged effect on SEO for websites already known by search engine on the content / her niche .
  5. if we buy aged domains which many backlinknya but klo we make different niche than ever not be much help only index and does not accelerate the SERP .
  6. aged websites will not be too helpful if backlinknya bit .
from here we can conclude that we need to SEO is aged websites that have relevant backlinks that many and not just the domain aged and aged to build the website of aged domains of course we have to look back if the previous domain was developed ( content + backlinks ) or guns klo yes we must restore content previously distinguished + url backlinks that have SE ( eg google ) can look back on it runs out of memory the new banana leaf deh we can focus on filling new content .

for who does not want to be bothered to make a purchase on the website aged flipp
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