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it's been a long time i've not constantly active in the community..
But recently i've visit a post ..and i want to know all the ideas and suggestion from members related to the topic.

An "SEO Expert" Describes How Google Crippled SEO Companies

tell me what do you think about this.. that what should we do in SEO and what's not ?


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    Ignore it... that's what I do, lol.

    Truth be told, G is the fat rich chick standing at the alter crying, cause NOBODY understands her!

    However, all opinions aside, I would just focus on writing content for your target audience.

    After all, that's what the fat chick is hungry for, and they (your readers/viewers) are the ones who will make you or break you, not 'just' your SEO practices.

    PS - The real source of the link above: http://www.highrankings.com/forum/in...ed-seo-expert/

    Which leads to a decent suggestion: http://www.highrankings.com/how-to-do-seo-367
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    All the methods they outlined were considered black hat 10 years ago, except for guest posting which is still good. Best thing to do is go back to the basics of marketing. They are cutting out all these seo softwares from spamming the internet with links basically.

    All the best
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    Don't focus on SEO. Focus on delivering quality content to your audience. I'm not saying that SEO will just come if you do that but you will be better off and you may find yourself getting ranked for things you did not anticipate.
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    Diversify your traffic sources. Don't depend only on SEO/Google for getting traffic. Use facebook, stumble upon, twitter, email list and other paid traffic sources for your marketing campaigns. If you only depend on SEO/Google, just one Google change can shut down your online business.
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    Google loves quality content applicable to the subject being discussed. Maintain a constant drip feed of this type of info.
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      If you can give your readers information which they find useful and helpful to their needs, then they will come back and most likely share their good fortune in finding such a helpful blog with their friends ( easiest way to becoming viral ). Try to come across as if you are talking with your friends, instead of trying to sell people on an idea as most people do not like being sold to and would rather be informed of. Good luck in your endeavors.

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