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Hey guys,

I work for a marketing company, and I took on the role of creating and optimizing our email remarketing efforts. Over the past few months, I've tried a lot of different platforms like Constant Contact, Icontact, GetResponse and others.

After working hard to optimize and find a solid solution that works, I've successfully been able to make it very profitable, and it accounts for over 5% of our daily sales, which is huge with the amount of sales we do.

We've decided to make abandoned leads remarketing a separate branch of our company, so I need to find a better, and most importantly a scalable system to put into place.

Little more info:

We have a 3 different weight loss products, 2 are direct sales, one is a trial offer subscription. When the customer signs up, they agree to be contacted, and then they fill in their information and proceed to check out. If they leave the page without ordering, they go into our subscriber database. These are the people I am contacting, and I send about 4,000 emails a day.

I've done some research on self hosted, and it seems like its the best course to take, however I have a few questions about it, and I figured this was the place to come.

The self hosted software like ArpReach and Sendy runs on the website server, correct?

I than have the option to send the emails through the websites smtp mail server, or an outside source, like MailJet or Amazon SES, correct?

The main thing I am concerned about is the sender's address. Does it have to match the website the software is hosted from? Since we have multiple brands it would make sense to just dedicate one site to host it, and change the sender address to match each product.

Since we are expanding, we also will be doing this for other companies, and we will not have access to their domain. Some kind of verification is fine, but not an actual login with complete access.

With the nature of weight loss pills and trial offers, even with the opt in, the spam complaint rate is higher than usual, about .3%, which means for every 1k emails we get about 3 spam complaints. After a while the smtp will most likely shut it down, so how easy is it to switch smtp's?

Sorry for the long post, hope I can get some insight from people who have used these before.
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    You can use use e-mail addresses that are not part of the domain on which you have your autoresponder script and it works, even with 3rd part smtp services. However it is always recommended to use a real email address that is part of the domain on which your autoresponder script is hosted. The biggest challenge with self hosted autoreponders is inboxing, even if you use 3rd part smtp providers.
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    Great, thank you for the reply. That was mainly what I wanted to know.

    We have customer service reps that handle the correspondence from the emails. We usually get 300 email replies a day, so yes, we use actual email addresses

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    I've tried every ESP out there, Mandrill is the best followed by SendGrid at a close #2. Mailjet is HORRIBLE, definitely bottom of the barrel among ESPs.

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    To answer to your question, you don't need to worry so much if the sender address is not the same with the server one.

    Why are you looking for a hosted solution ?
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    Sendy allows you to run different brands/domains from the single domain installation.
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