CDN or just Cache plugin?

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Just a general question here.

Should I use cloudflares free CDN service along with total cache plugin?

Anyone have any experiences with this method?

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    No one any experience with this?
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    CloudFlare is an improvement for some locations, but not so great for others. You might want to look into a CDN that charges. There are a few cheap ones, like OVH, that should considerably outperform CloudFlare.
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    I have plugged through most of them and cloudfare offer subscription also. Free CDN will be fine until my site moves up the traffic ladder.

    I'm just looking for options to help improve speed of the site. Any improvement is improvement, and putting money into a CDN at the early stages doesn't make sense.

    And should I use the CDN service along with a cache plugin?
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    I don't think you need to worry about cloud hosting unless you support a massive quantity of traffic.

    What I do though, is just host some of my images on Amazon S3 since my shared hosting typically... Has seen better days.

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    What is it that you're trying to accomplish? What problems are you having?

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    There is no problems. Using a CDN speeds the site up and more speed on loading times doesn't hurt.

    I use dropbox to host images and video's also.
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      CDN hosting will save you hosting costs - it costs pennies compared to regular. Are you thinking of hosting the full site on A3? If so, the only drawback is that you can't have some features like regular comments (you can still use Discus though) - you'll also load lightening fast with decent protection against DDOS
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    I'm using CloudFlare Pro for $15 or $20 a month I think - my site speeds DO improve quite nicely, and I use it ALONG with the caching plug-in on my WP site -I recommend using it

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        Originally Posted by NetJunkie913 View Post

        I use Google's CDN, its fast and free.
        Does it work in shared hosting?
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          Yes it works and its easy to set up.

          Once you sign up they will give you directions to set up Google pagespeed service on your shared hosting account. Only takes 5 or 10 minutes to install.
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            Been rocking Cloudflare for all of my sites for a few years now (plus WTC for Wordpress). Besides the odd attack (on them), it really does reduce page load times for visitors not in my hosted region. They also obscure any visible email addresses on the site to stop robot scrapers. Definitely worth it- its free.

            Checking google page speed now also...
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              I've used MaxCdn and Cloudflare and Google pagespeed has been the best so far. Not to mention it seems my sites search traffic increased significantly a week after I installed it.
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    I am currently using CloudFlare (Free Version) and a cache plugin and am finding it has been a pretty fantastic combination.

    Recently after my server went down I noticed that CloudFlare had created a copy of my site so visitors could still view my site! I was impressed.

    Hope this helps

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    Wonderful, that answers my question.

    Thankyou to everyone who contributed and answered the question in there own way.

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    I had also used cloudflare free version on my blog along with w3t cache plugin. but it has drastically slow down my website speed. so, I had removed it.
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