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Hi Warrior's

I have a blogging Domain and I want to start working on it. But I am short of ideas right now.

Any advice will be very much appreciated.
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    Passion = profits

    You have to enjoy what your writing otherwise it will be a chore.
    Write about whatever you enjoy and then turn it into profits for you.

    After 20 years smoking, ecigs FINALLY help me quit!
    Quit smoking today, and use that money to invest in IM

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    Think of the thing that you know well and can answer any damn question about that subject.
    You can also start a blog on the subject which you are currently pursuing. Ex. Suppose you are in Post Graduate degree right now. You can start a blog on any of subjects from that as per your choice.
    Or else check out this article and I am damn sure you'll get your idea.
    Getting the Idea to build a website! - The Profit Jam
    3 Case Studies -
    Two niche sites
    One authority site
    One already running at
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    Blogging is aways a chore, I wish I was one of those people who liked it.
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      You can like it if you outsource it out ;-) That is what most do.
      It just gets a bit expensive, time wise that is.

      As long as you blog with a purpose, you will be fine.
      Long gone are the days that people can just throw anything up.

      I guess you can but SERPS are more sophisticated and so are readers.
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      Blog about what you know... What you can talk to someone 5 minutes straight about. Just don't pick random thing, talk about what you have experience in.

      If you just have to pick something stick with one of these.

      1. Health
      2. Wealth
      3. Relationships
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        I hate to selfishly promote my new blog (in signature block ) but I have started on a journey which has always interested me and something I love to write about, Internet Marketing.

        It's early days but so far the blog posts have actually been fun to write because it's a topic I'm actively engaged with and content is fresh every other day.

        I suppose my advice echoes others here, write about something which really interests you. Something you know something about and can share that knowledge and experience with others.

        Selfish promotion over


        Jon Crimes
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        Hi Why dont you go to your local book store where they sell magazines, and look at the verity and then check out what appeals to you, then take the phone No's of the who deals with adds ask about readership ciculation.ect and this will indcate if this magazines subject is worth using, if their are a lot of magazines on the same subject that must indicate its a popular topic, then look on google to find who else is in the same niche, look at google adwords that will tell you how many people are interested in you niche, also why look in this forum, who doing what ,what is popular,their is so much info on this forum, you need to spend a bit of time and research.
        Hope this will help
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    Something that you always think about!
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      Originally Posted by jaywindows View Post

      I have tons of ebooks to inspire any marketer..new one just came out called "QuickWPWebsites"(PDF)(MRR) included for $5 a pop...cheap to help out the low income marketer via paypal(*REMOVED*
      You should Read The Rules before posting your ads everywhere...
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

      ― George Carlin
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    Originally Posted by Myheavens View Post

    Hi Warrior's

    I have a blogging Domain and I want to start working on it. But I am short of ideas right now.

    Any advice will be very much appreciated.
    Does "short of ideas" mean you have ZERO ideas or just FEW ideas? If you have a few ideas, what are they?

    The options are endless, so why not start with what you've already possibly thought about.

    Thousands of happy Warriors agree...
    This service is a MUST - so worth it - Barry C.
    Derek is a keyword genius - Alan W.
    The results are incredible - page one already! - Navia B.
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    Get organized. Before doing whatever, find out what could help you make money by writing what you know.

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  • Blog about the things you want to talk about. That way you will never run out of ideas.
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    Was I the only one who didn't understand the question?

    Are you looking for an idea to blog about? What did you call your blog (if it's something other than your name) - is it niche related?

    Looks like you've been in the game for a long time (you signed up in 2008). Do you already have any businesses set up? Blog about those. How you did it, what you're doing.

    Then again, maybe I didn't understand the question .
    Are you a newbie who would love to learn how to start making money online? Boy, do I have a free report for you!
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    Start writing on the subject that you are most passionate about. Create as much content as you can and try to add new stuff every single day. Then Google will probably pick up your content and give you much needed exposure.

    Then choose some products that can earn you commissions.

    If you can, on every single page that you create, put an opt in box so that you can collect people's names and email to follow up on.

    This will boost your profits for years to come.
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    Hey, writers block. I get it. How about writing about your experience on the web!! Ppl would love to hear how you got to where you are, how long it took, what ideas even that helped you get to .... well, this blog your speaking off! :p

    Please do not use affiliate templates in signatures

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