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Hi there!

I am an artist, specifically a painter. I make lots of different paintings; everything from portraits to more "artsy" contemporary-art with abstract motives. I am looking out for places to sell my art. I have found a massive list on Google with market places to advertrise it (you can see it here), but is there any other alternatives? I guess people who want to buy art doesnt go online and search in Google for "art" so bidding on AdWords and doing SEO wouldnt be beneficial for me. What would though? Can anyone help me out?
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    If you are looking for people to sell your art then you need to tap into buyers who are looking to buy art.

    You can even advertise your website on Google or Yahoo/Bing. If you don't have the money, you can look for forums that are in your specific art niche and then post your link to your website through your signature.

    But never tell people that they should check it out because that is spamming.

    If you are going to post in forums, make sure to give value to others and not ask them to view your website.
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    I think art spreads best through social sharing. Get on the popular artist websites that allows you to show off your work and build yourself a website on your own domain name to have someplace that's yours. Have ways to interact with people who like your art and don't sell to them unless they want you to.

    Just make sure you give your visitors every possible option when it comes to sharing your work on the social networks

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    Home decor interior design crafts might be good areas to look into. If I could do that I nay be thinking of setting up some kind of painting course, maybe a membership site with painting lessons and videos.
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    Have you seen this: SPI 096 : How to Make a Living Selling Your Art Online with Cory Huff from The Abundant Artist .

    To be honest I haven't listened to it because me and art unfortunately have nothing in common but I know that anything from Pat is excellent and worth reading/listening to.
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    Thanks to everyone for providing great advices, I will take it to heart and try and experiment.
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      You could put a twist on it and sell your art in a different physical format..
      For example you could put your art on a t-shirt...


      You can put your own art/designs onto t shirts and sell them through skreened.

      No need to do any printing, they do it all from printing onto a t shirt/hoodie and shipping to the buyer, as well as all the payment process, they just take their cut if I remember rightly.

      you can set your own online shop over there, set your own pricing and promote through social media...

      Never used it but looks good.

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    Try! That's where everyone I know goes for artsy things!
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