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Hi everyone,

I own a weight loss and diet website/webapp that helps anyone plan healthy meals. I am looking into different ways to sell it.

Some background info:
Our site provides several plans for different diets and health conditions, and is a tool anyone can use to eat healther, improve their health by making simple meals at home using our system.

We recently added a weight loss plan that is just starting to be marketed. This plan is unique in that it is a "common sense" approach to losing weight, and is a no-hype permanent solution to keeping weight off.

The site/webapp runs on just about any device and has also been sold with other health related products and even electronic devices (runs on tablets).

Ways we sell that have the most success:
  1. Vouchers
    We also have the ability to offer vouchers so that the product can be sold with just about any device/product. Product owners bundle and sell our service with their own products and consumers seem to love this approach.
  2. Licensing
    We work with other product / site owners or companies in the health field, and setup our site/webapp to be able to be white labeled and licensed by other product owners and completely integrated to appear as if it is part of their site/web app.
  3. Affiliate Program
    We're starting to explore this option more and more, but so far haven't explored this too much... just starting now, based on advice of others here.

So far we sold a large number this way including big name clients and promotion on national television, and white label licensing to fitness and health sites.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on where else we can market to? We'd be interested in all kinds of opportunities, and need ideas on who to approach and how to market it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds really nice!

    Have you tried Commission Junction or Share a Sale or similar affiliate networks?
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