Namecheap experiencing DDoS attack

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If you're with Namecheap and wandering why your sites aren't loading it's because they're experiencing a DDoS attack.

You can stay updated here:
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    Well, this seems to explain why one of my sites is down. I couldn't figure out what happened. Thanks for the update.

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    Yes two of my sites load so slow. Don't know what happened. May be this explains it. But they are hosted on hostgator (domain on namecheap)
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    I was starting to get worried that it was just me.
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    namecheap hosting sucks

    they banned my account for no reason
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      Originally Posted by Wage Mills View Post

      namecheap hosting sucks

      they banned my account for no reason
      Not tried their hosting - was thinking of going for a VPS account there though. You put high volume there, or you think it would be ok for low vol sites?
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      Originally Posted by Wage Mills View Post

      namecheap hosting sucks

      they banned my account for no reason
      Did you asked them for your issue? I never have their hosting experience but for domain product site. Their livechat support is awesome.

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      If your site was down, you need to look at the DNS cache/TTL records. Are they too low? Probably. The cPanel default is too low, and most records should be 86400 (24 hours). The 14400 is far too weenie. If your site was down, it's honestly just as much your fault as anyone else's. Your DNS records are not optimized.

      Only the Namecheap DNS was getting DDoS'ed -- not their hosting or domains platforms. It's been intermittent for most of the past 10 days, but today the attacker finally was able to knock it offline. Understand that their DNS is huge -- it's not just 1-2 servers!

      namecheap hosting sucks
      Namecheap is an excellent host. They have everything from shared to VPS to dedicated, and they're very good at it. Server uptime is excellent.

      Until now, the DNS has been excellent, too. (Arguably, the DNS is still excellent ... keep reading.)

      It was one of the largest attacks to hit anybody anywhere.

      Here’s the official response and breakdown of the attack from Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall and VP Matt Russell:

      Today is one of the days that as a service provider who strives to deliver excellence day in and day, you wish you never had.

      At around 15.55 GMT / 11.55 EST, a huge DDoS attack started against 300 or so domains on our DNS platform. Our DNS platform is a redundant, global platform spread across 3 continents and 5 countries that handles the DNS for many of our customers. This is a platform meticulously maintained and ran, and a platform that successfully fends off other DDoS attacks on an almost-daily basis.

      Today, however, I am compelled to announce that we struggled. The sheer size of the attack overwhelmed many of our DNS servers resulting in inaccessibility and sluggish performance. Our initial estimates show the attack size to be over 100Gbps, making this one of the largest attacks anyone has seen or dealt with. And this is a new type of attack, one that we and our hardware and network partners had not encountered before.

      We responded with our well-practiced mitigation plan while also enabling our backup system for those with affected domains.

      It took us around 3 hours to fully mitigate the attack, working closely with our hardware and network vendors. At this moment in time, 99% of our services are back to normal.

      I’d like to take this time to apologize to those customers affected. I also wish to iterate that we will learn from this attack and come back stronger, and more robust. We are bringing forward a key DNS infrastructure enhancement program that will see us massively expand the size of our DNS infrastructure and our ability to absorb and fend off attacks like these. We remain firmly committed to delivering the absolute best service possible to our loyal customers.
      ^ from

      they banned my account for no reason
      I highly doubt it was for "no reason". :rolleyes:
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    No problems here, luckily.
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