Have you ever try this Alternative Fiverr site called Tradegig

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Hello All,

I hate to write long articles.

I came across to this site called "Tradegig", looks like Fiverr in somehow but it's different, I gave it a try to see what Tradegig could offer to me as seller and also provider

So, without further ado; these are some features I like in Tradegig:

* They know your location and give you the suitable services in the city.

* It's available in English and Spanish: You can access to the Spanish version just by scrolling down to the bottom and click in "English".

* Displaying Pricing And Processing Payment In Your Local Currency: As it is expanding beyond the US border, they use multi-currency solution, this allows tradegig users to choose paying by the local currency or any currency they find it comfortable to pay with.

* Seller/Provider verification: Trust, safety and protection are what they strive to build at TradeGig. We believe that the right technology can help lay the foundation for trust in our traders, buyers, sellers and providers. They are committed to innovation in the trust arena, with features like our 24/7 customer service, secure payment structure (more detail below), user feedback, sophisticated messaging tools, and their 100% Guarantee.

Identity Verification provides a connection between the online and offline spaces. TradeGig users can earn a "Identity Verified" badge on their profile by providing their online identity (via existing TradeGig reviews, LinkedIn, or Facebook) and matching it to offline ID documentation, such as confirming personal information. The name provided by both channels must match for verification to succeed.

I like the experience in Tradegig and still using it, they update the features monthly and even less than that

Your reviews and comments are warmly welcomed

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