How did THESE Videos get here? (Screenshot)

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Hey guys

I was browsing some websites and I saw some videos that were completely unrelated, but still embedded below the main video of the product itself. (Note: this is an embed on a website itself)

Any idea how THEY got here? Would they be embedded by the site owner himself, or is this some funky youtube playlist or what?

Thanks in advance!


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    Is there a link so we can review? It's hard to tell just from the screenshot... I'd be of more help if I could view the source code.
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    Originally Posted by Jesus Perez View Post

    Thank you very much. Assuming these being put here by the webmaster himself so that answers my question

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      Originally Posted by eljeffe77 View Post

      Thank you very much. Assuming these being put here by the webmaster himself so that answers my question
      Looking at the list of features it says

      Player options php

      Choose which feed you want
      keywords, playlist, favorites (from username) or username

      Easy remove the search option

      can be relevance (default), published, viewCount, rating, reversedPosition (To reverse a playlist) or none

      Set to none if you want to get realtime video's from a username (channel) !

      Extra sort playlist
      Set title to ordered alphabetically by title or commentCount (Entries are ordered by number of comments from most comments to least comments)

      Set language filter
      for example en (english)

      Set time parameter to restrict the search to videos uploaded within the specified time
      for example 1 day or 1 month

      Set restriction filter
      The restriction parameter identifies the IP address that should be used to filter videos that can only be played in specific countries. It is recommend that you always use this parameter to specify the end user's IP address. (By default, the API filters out videos that cannot be played in the country from which you send API requests. This restriction is based on your client application's IP address.). Or don't use to get all video's.

      parameter none , moderate, strict

      The caption parameter enables you to restrict a search to videos that have or do not have caption tracks. true or false (within single quotes) or don't use.

      Cache the xml feed(true or false)

      Empty cached xml
      for example after one hour 3600, one day 86400 or one week 604800 (in seconds)

      Set length title and description text
      Standard is 75 and 300 characters

      Choose uppercase and lowercase title and description
      Default is title uppercase and description first letter uppercase the rest lowercase

      Set 3d
      Search only for 3d movies (works only in search mode).true or false (default) (within single quotes)

      Set HD
      Search only for HD movies (works only in search mode). true (within single quotes)

      Set license
      Search only for movies with or cc or youtube license(works only in search mode)

      Set duration
      To find videos less than 4 minutes long, use duration=short. To find videos that are between 4 and 20 minutes long (inclusive), use duration=medium. Only videos that are longer than 20 minutes will be returning when requesting duration=long(works only in search mode)

      So I would only imagine he set the keyword up strange or didnt use one at all and it's just pulling random list. Either way the webmaster is suppose to be in full control of the feed...

      Its a PHP script and they have a wordpress plug-in version (Which he is using)

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    Now THAT is pretty impressive.

    Looks a bit techie but I love how it gives you the option to include videos you actually want to be in there

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    I think that they did this on purpose and know that these videos are there.

    The webmaster put this himself. And I don't know how he has done it.


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    Thanks, it's brilliant - he's ranking youtube videos for VERY competitive words within a few DAYS using this method - hence my road to discovery on how he got those there. Next step - reaching out to webmaster

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    That is pretty interesting, i haven't seen that before. Jesus thanks for sharing the script
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