What gets more sales? The chicken or the egg?

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I'd like to get peoples thoughts on what works better to get more sales in terms of landing page design for a service from a new brand that is unknown.

Should a long copy landing page only have one link off the page (BUY LINK) or should there be a navigation and or footer bar where they can get more information such as about the company, examples of the service, privacy etc.

It's kinda (or maybe just in a weird way) a bit like what comes first. The chicken or the egg. The chicken having legs and can navigate (Nav bar on page for more info) and the egg (being just the one page take it or leave it).

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    I'm no information product specialist. But, I'd be weary of a site with a sales copy and no additional info in the footer. I think FAQ, contact us, privacy policy, terms of use, about us, testimonials, should be available to the user and makes the sales page look less fishy and more reputable.
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      I guess Chicken my friend, there is large line of customer for chicken than egg .

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    I'd go with chicken no matter what but I fell even stronger about it because you said it was a service business, that implies some sort of relationship so I want to know who I'm getting service from. If you have some great widget or product that I think is exactly what I need maybe I don't care as much who's behind it as long as it meets my needs. Aw heck that's not true I would care who is behind it so yeah, go chicken no matter what. You want to run a real business anyway right?
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    You could start with a squeeze page that only offers an opt-in - limited choice because you only want them to opt-in and not get distracted.

    Then send to a sales page with only one option - buy. But I think there should be more than one 'Buy' link. At least one above the fold, one after the sales copy and one after the "PS".

    Those that don't buy will get an autoresponder series that provides more info and continues to provide more pre-sell information and calls to buy.

    By navigation to more information do you mean a blog? You can create a blog that gets traffic and direct that traffic to a squeeze with banners and pop-ups.

    You can also tell people about the blog in your autoresponder series.

    You don't want to have too many 'leaks' on your sales page even if it is for more info. You can provide that info in an autoresponder series or a blog (not linked from the sales page) that drives traffic to the squeeze page and/or sales page.

    It also depends on your product and market. Is it a product that requires more information to make a sale?

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    A one page 'lead capture page' would be better. If you have a mini site and you are trying to make more sales, you will leave a lot of money on the table if you are not capturing leads.

    I would send your traffic to a one page sales page that 'perks' the visitors interest and makes them want to opt in for more info.

    Then you can give it to them slowly by email.

    People are most people are ADD. They don't hold interest long enough.

    If you have a mini site with multiple links, the majority of people will just end up reading for a little while and most will click away.
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    Hmmm some varied responses and thanks to all who responded it has given me some things to think about but one thing that sticks with me is what Gambino said about appearing reputable.

    This is a design I like but it doesn't really have external links. Social Brilliant :: Welcome to your easy, elegant social media strategy. (NOT AN AFFILIATE)

    But personally I wouldn't buy because I don't think the copy has enough info for me but that's just me.

    Maybe I'll just have to eventually try a split test and see which works better!

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