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Hi all,

I'm a seasoned person (52 years young) jack of all trades and master of none. In the past little while I've made some horrible choices (too many to list) regarding online work at home. Sound familiar to anyone?

So now that the well "runneth dry" I need to start generating some income. This is where I graciously and humbly ask anyone who has started a home based business that is true blue...minimal investment and when they say "free" they really mean please oh please help me? I'm very proud and am being very humble about this (not an easy endeavor for me).:rolleyes:

Every time I joined something there have been hidden costs and fees or monthly this and that and I've fallen for this repeatedly. OR, I can't understand what they're trying to explain and I find it so frustrating that I feel like calling Captain Kirk or Scotty to beam me up?

So the million dollar question therefore becomes: does anything exist and I'm looking to make money, not give money. Something that I can understand and something easy. I'm just looking to make an honest living and am tired of all the hype, all the gurus and all the scams...can anyone help me with advice?

Best wishes to all, Cristiana:confused:
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      Originally Posted by AntonioSeegars1 View Post

      If you don't want to spend any money at all, get a free blog, put adsense on it, and start writing articles for it based around longtail keywords. Healthcare niches are very good for this, and insect niches also convert well.
      Choose a niche that you like and start writing articles about it.

      Also start adding videos to YouTube.

      Find a free program to promote on Clickbank and work your tail off to get as many people to hopefully see you site or videos through the search engines.
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    I know this can be frustrating... I looked for years for this kind of opportunity and made a lot of poor choices and wasted a lot of money also. I finally got hooked on e-commerce.

    It is possible to do this with minimal investment -$30-$100 if you just want to make a bit of cash, or $300-$500 to start building a full time business (this is money you will invest in buying your own inventory to sell and profit from- I'm not selling anything)

    The method I teach is available for FREE (so you can DECIDE if you want to invest in inventory after reading - and the ebook lays out FREE methods of GENERATING this intial start up capital - Check the signature for details.)

    I know it's difficult to trust that anything can work when you've been burned. I'm not going to hit you with a "secret upsell" or anything like that. The book is total free. An opt in is required, but honestly if you don't gain anything from it, just unsubscribe. I ultimately just want you to see there is an opportunity that works.

    If you get stuck, I'm always available here (through PM) or through email as well (no, I don't charge for this and you don't get a bill in the mail- ha ha) Hope this helps!
    Click HERE to download my FREE guide and learn step by step how I make a 6 figure (profit) income selling real products online while automating and outsourcing most of the work! (no website necessary!)
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      In my opinion, here are the 2 easiest jobs to start from home right now.

      1) Someone mentioned Elance on this thread. I would sign up on Elance, Odesk, and other related websites to look for small contracted jobs. Research what others are doing and follow what seems to be working. You may want to consider They don't pay much, but some of the tasks that people are willing to pay for could literally only take you a minute to perform. is also a very popular site to offer services on. I disregarded this site at first because services start at only $5, but then I met people who make over $2,000 a month doing small jobs from this website. Much of their business comes from upsells. The initial job starts at $5 and I have seen upsells up to $50-$75. If $2,000 isn't enough to pay your bills, then mix these services up together. You don't have to stick to just Fiverr or any one source.

      2) I think reselling from home is even easier than doing contracted work, especially if you enjoy shopping. I began reselling and I have been doing it for years now. The important thing is to find items that sell quickly and with large profit margins. In my opinion, everything sells. But when you are desperate for income and if you want to grow your home business quickly, then stick to high demand items. You can check out this sample ebook for free:
      You DO NOT need to enter an email address...just go grab a copy for yourself. In the book it lists all the items that sell great online, and other items to stay away from.

      In the end, don't give up and be relentless. I used to think I worked hard until a family friend told me he wakes up at 4am to go to work and he doesn't return home until almost midnight. Best of luck to you!
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    I really hate these types of threads just because the OP is the best/only person who can determine how they can make money online. The rest of us can only give you methods that are available, but the OP still has to determine what they want to do based on their capabilities.

    That said, if I were in your shoes: looking to make money online without any investment. I would start with offering my services (again, only you know your strengths/weaknesses) on oDesk, eLance, etc. You seem like you can write well enough to sell articles or other writings. You probably had some type of offline career that you may be an 'expert' in that field. Automotive, writing, accounting, law enforcement, etc. You could also develop a business or service based on this.

    But, Without knowing that info, I would continue to freelance and save as much as that income as possible (it will likely be little at first while you build a reputation and can start getting hire paying jobs). Then as I build up some investment money, a reputation and returning clients I'd branch away from freelancing and start my own online business offering that service.

    To me, that's the most fool-proof, no-investment-needed (other than time), way to make an honest living.
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      Originally Posted by Gambino View Post

      I really hate these types of threads just because the OP is the best/only person who can determine how they can make money online. The rest of us can only give you methods that are available, but the OP still has to determine what they want to do based on their capabilities.
      I agree in some regard, but you gotta remember honest people get online everyday looking for legit, ethical, and practical ways to actually generate money from home or online, and they are "preyed upon" by the vultures that take advantage of that sincerity.

      Obviously, it does fall on to the OP to find her path, and perform her own due diligence, whereby, most of us have undergone misleading sales pages, or experienced something that wasn't what it appeared on the surface.

      The problem goes deeper though. Everyone wants to make money online, and there are several ways to do that without spending a fortune or huge starting investments.

      I would recommend to the OP, as several others stated you need define your skills, and determine where they are best suited. If you can write, then be the best damn writer you can be, and learn where, when, and how to position your writings online for 'maximum exposure'.

      If you need 'instant cash' like yesterday... offer a service, or skim the warrior's for hire thread and get ideas of what others do offer, and do it better!

      Me, I love to write, and thought I was trying to learn how to publish a books - when my online journey began.

      But... in time, I realized; you can actually make more money writing quality web content for yourself, and either promote your own brand or product, or look into advertising, promoting, and reviewing other peoples goods and services through their affiliate program or a solid affiliate network.

      Affiliate marketing IMHO is the best place to start, to get a feel for the market, learn the strategies of successful businesses and individuals alike, see what they do to provide quality to their audience, and arm yourself with the essentials equip them (your target audience) with the solution, or some relief, at least.

      What we do know is your "problem" is NOT uncommon. There is a ton of garbage to wade through on the net. Be patient, research, study, test, tweak, and don't be ashamed of making mistakes.

      You appear sincere, intelligent, and determined... you are halfway there, now you just need to find your niche, and run with it. Forget programs and searching for some ready made BS... to grow your own food and be able to feed others, you must first find rich soil, and determine; "What are you planting?"

      The Warrior Forum "IS" very rich soil, now browse and choose which seeds of interest are best suited for you to help others.

      Whatever you do - I wish you well.

      All the Best,

      Coming Soon... *Laser Targeted Lead Generation Services
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    If you just want income and not a chance to make it well off, then check out arise and there is a few more that are true.

    I did a study for a ebook once on real work at home jobs. Arise was number one with me and there are a few more.

    Doesn't take a rocket scientist to find them. Remember they have thousands of applications and some upfront money is needed for your criminal history check ect.

    1800flowers was a good one two and one more let me see if i can find it.

    It was Alpine they were good too. Now this just hourly if you want that. I made about 20 with arise and 13 an hour with Alpine. I did mainly sales with Arise so the commission was good, if you just want to do customer service its about 10 or 12 an hour.

    Good luck.
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    I have been trying to make money online now for a while and like you I have taken some L's.

    Recently I have began making money online and not only money but residual income!

    I pay a membership fee of 19.95 per month which is well worth it for me because due to this system I was able to make my money back the same day it went out! And now my business pretty much pays for it self in 2 short months.

    The great thing about it is you do not have to recruit and have meetings or anything like that in order to make a nice income on a daily bases.

    If you are looking for a way to make money by doing some fairly simple task then this could be one of your best bets.

    There are tons of ways to make money online. The key is to find what will work best for you.

    Have a look at my link in my signature to find out more about what I am doing that pretty much anyone can do.

    Hope this helps
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    Hi Cristiana - I do believe you have a unique value in you that can possibly make money just being YOU.

    I agree to create a blog or website of your own and also videos to connect with your target audience then get some products in Clickbank that you can promote.

    If you want to know how to create your own website check my bootcamp training and my videos will teach you step by step in a simple ways.

    Also, you have to love what you do and put value on it to build a residual income.

    Good luck my dear and want to say also that I admire you for being so open that you are at your age finding ways to make money online. Know that there's more to life ahead of you.

    Have a great day.
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    You can do telemarketing job, customer service or article writing at elance, odesk or at some other job sites and while doing it, you need to build your own website and start writing content. Monetize your site with adsense, clickbank or amazon. Pick your niche well.
    Learn how to drive traffic using free method if you don't want to invest. Some free ways to drive traffic is via forum posting, blog commenting, upload youtube videos, article submission. etc also learn how to do SEO.

    Create your website now and start writing content. It may not make you money right away but if you do it right and continuously work on it, in a few weeks or months it will generate extra income for you.

    You can also make some quick cash by just uploading youtube videos and monetized it by including a link on the description or by just merely posting product or services on facebook groups.
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    Originally Posted by Cristiana1 View Post

    So the million dollar question therefore becomes: does anything exist and I'm looking to make money, not give money. Something that I can understand and something easy. I'm just looking to make an honest living and am tired of all the hype, all the gurus and all the scams...can anyone help me with advice?

    Best wishes to all, Cristiana:confused:
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    I would say start with ebay.Find some old items in your loft and garage and sell these by listing them on ebay for quick cash.If you have any old information products these will sell faster.This will get you started.

    What i would say is like any business you will need some upfront investment $50-$100 and i would suggest start building an email list as you need to think long term if you are to succeed. But for quick cash ebay is a great start in the beginning, it worked for me.

    Build a Real Online Business from scratch today!
    Get Your FREE Webinar Training Here

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    Hi Cristiana,

    So sorry to hear your dilemma.

    I can see a bit of myself in you before when I was just starting to search for a good profitable honest online business.

    But sometimes it needs a bit of luck on top of our hard work when I found something/someone on the internet who is quite honest in helping beginners like you are. But unfortunately very seldom you can find a FREE HONEST stuff right now..

    I came across CHRIS FARRELL MEMBERSHIP sometime 2 years ago and all the rest was history. Chris is a very honest, honourable Englishman, who was VOTED No.1 internet marketer for 3 consecutive years.

    His method of teaching is brilliant, he is a GREAT motivator, he will guide you all through out until you SUCCEED.

    You can have a look for yourself, find all reviews about him and see if that is something that will help you to start all over again.

    As for myself, i would say I owe everything to him. I am financially sounds now, credit to him.

    Check his website if you want at CHRIS FARRELL MEMBERSHIP.


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