Buyer open rate versus tire kicker rate

by Zodiax
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If i were to build a list of 1000 people, and they were all buyers, would I get double digit percentage open rates?
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    There are a LOT of factors that go into determining open rates on your emails, and one of those things is the relationship that you have built with your list.

    If your list has bought something from you, and liked it, chances are you have
    started to build a good relationship with them and in that case, they are much more likely to open your emails and read them because they trust you to a certain extent.

    If they are a brand new buyers list, and you are making some important product announcement, you can expect open rates to be sky-high...

    Now, having said all that, there are circumstances where the open rate on a buyers list could be LESS than that of a FREEBIE Seekers list...

    Again, just so many variables an entire book could be written about it.

    What are your goals with your list? How much time do you have? What is your experience like? How much cash do you have to invest?

    THOSE are the real things you need to consider when deciding to build either a buyers list or a list of non-buyers, not the 'open rates' of a buyers list vs a non buyers list. That doesn't really mean much of anything...

    If you are asking "Is it worthwhile to build a list of buyers?"

    That is a great question, and the answer is a resounding YES.
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    it all depends on your email content. If you keep on sending offer after offer, you will have low open rate
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