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Ok, so one of my reports has just seen a (small) sales spike... and I have no idea why.

This report runs on the $7 script, goes for $10, and usually sells one or two copies a week- I just don't do much to promote it. All of a sudden, I get 5 sales this evening. I've checked my analytics and they're all direct navigation. I'm really hoping someone isn't just sending referrals without using a proper affiliate link...

Ok, so 5 sales isn't a huge deal, especially when it's only $50 in total revenue. I guess I'm just dying to figure out what happened!
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    Probably an affiliate with a list who forgot to put in their affiliate link. Doh!
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    great on you..
    maybe they are just 5 ppl who have been procrastinate to buy your offer. and today, something get into their mind and ask they to click on the order button
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      So it turns out someone recommended it in Perry Marshall's Renaissance Club.


      Chris Wight

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        Well that's all cool...

        Thanks for updating us at the end too Chris, a little resolution goes a long way lol...

        Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

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          You never get tired of those do you ? I sure don't.

          That's why it's so cool to develop a whole bunch of quality eproducts as after a while sales are coming in from all over the place.

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