Whats the best forum websites that will allow you to use a signature

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I have been reading everyone's tips on here and multiple people have mentioned to post in forums and have a link of your website in your signature...

which sites are the best to just this?

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    For what niche?

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    sorry - travel.... Entertianment - restaurants stuff like that..

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      Originally Posted by BMS1983 View Post

      sorry - travel.... Entertianment - restaurants stuff like that..
      Just do a google search.

      {Your Niche} + forum.

      Look through the first few.

      Look at the site's traffic and background info.
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    Also I don't suggest that you put your website in your warriorforum account signature.

    Doesn't make any sense to me.

    I personally never let anyone know what niches I am in/about to be in. Especially the specific websites.
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    You'll have to use niche keyword and search for forums on google.

    Another way to do this is by creating a Google alert for the keywords that you want to promote.

    Use the alerts that you get from Google and visit those sites ( you'll get forums, blogs, websites, etc) to add your comments with a link back to your site.

    Soon you'll find out good forums, blogs, websites, videos and other sites where you can add valuable content and get traffic.
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    Came across BackLinkHippo , A search tool to find relevant blogs to comment a few days back. It provides reasonably good results. If you don't really know how can you find niche forums, you can try.
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    Are you doing this for SEO purposes? After Penguin 2.1, that might not be a good idea.... If you're doing it for direct traffic, make sure you cross reference the sites with Alexa to see if there's enough traffic volume.

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