What do affiliates need to promote a website effectively?

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Hi All,
I was just wondering if there are some good affiliates out there that could offer some advice.

What do affiliates need to promote a product effectively?
Should I provide them with some artwork (banners/etc...)
Text/ Ad copy? etc.
Pre-Made Squeeze Pages?

I figured that some of the more savvy marketers would prefer to create their own Ads/Text etc... but I really want to have everything ready before I post my Program in the Affiliates section here.

Thanks (in advance) for any suggestions!


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    I expect

    Pre written emails (swipe)
    images (pro and amateur)
    pre written articles and blog posts
    content like PDF reports etc
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    When you first start out you want to model after your competitors and learn what they’re doing to sell their product.

    Look at their sales page and see how they’re marketing their product. Are they using a long sales letter? Do they have fancy graphics, and slick sales copy?

    If so you want to match what they’re doing. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Don’t copy your sales copy off their sales page, this is illegal and unethical. That’s a quick way to make enemies in your niche.

    Instead just model closely what they’re doing and craft your sales letter in your own words.

    Basically, what I'm saying is.. Reverse Engineer the successful marketer.
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    There are several ways to promote affiliate offers.
    SEO, PPC. Banner / Media buys, Article marketing, Video marketing, document sharing etc

    If you have money for promotion then paid advertisement is the best and fastest.
    What ever method you use for traffic generation (paid or free), you should build a list and then promote to the list by sending email promotions.
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