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Hello All:

Long-time reader, first time poster here. I have gained a lot of great info from this site, and have a question that I would like to bounce off of you all; and I know that a number of posts have been made on the following topic, but none seemed to answer my question exactly. Note that the ideas, market, etc. are completely fictitious.

Suppose that I had a novel idea for an online travel community/forum, and I need the perfect domain name. Suppose also that one of, if not the biggest priorities is that the name sounds authoritative. I see a few ways of approaching this, and not sure which is best, or if any is even that good:

(1) Use something very direct and authoritative, such as travelforums(dot)com. The downside, however, is that this is very bland and unmemorable.

(2) Give up some of the authoritativeness for catchiness, such as paradisenation(dot)com.

(3) Give up all authoritativeness for a single word catchy (and likely made-up) name, and hope the former will come with time, such as paranation(dot)com. OK, that is a bad example, since it even once explained it doesn't convey a community of travelers, nor do I find it all that catchy. Suppose though that the name DID have meaning, yet without some explanation or thought it wouldn't, such as the word google, pre-google.

Further suppose that in both cases that relatively low emphasis is placed on an EMD name, given Google's efforts in regards to this and as I also (hypothetically) have vacationideas(dot)com, travelideas(dot)com, etc. (which are EMD names) that are loaded with original content and point to the main site.

Any comments on any of this be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I'd definitely go with option 1.
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    I guess you will build better page rank when your domain name is relative to what the site is about, id have to say option 1
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    It depends on the amount of effort you want to put in building your brand. needs less work because the market is part of the brand. So you just need to brand 'Paradise' in the travel niche. needs to build the Amazon brand and associate it as a book-seller (and eventually everything-seller) because the second part is not self evident in the name.
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