Can I use iStock Photo for eBay Thumbnail?

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I have contacted iStockphoto to ask if I can use one of their images for an eBay listing thumbnail image. However, they have not responded so I wanted to ask fellow Warriors if they know about this.

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    For ebay, it's better to use real pictures of the product you'll be shipping to the buyer, not stock photos. Many buyers, including myself, won't buy unless we see a picture of the exact item we're getting.

    Invest some time and money in a good camera and taking quality pictures.
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    Yes. If you have the license to use it. But I'd agree with BradVert that it's best to use the actual product. I realize that you sometimes have the need to use an image other than the product itself and assume that's what you're asking.
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    I am selling a service. How to I check to see if I have permission to use their images on eBay. I have tried contacting them but they have lousy customer service and haven't bothered to respond.
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    Appreciate it if somebody could answer this for me as iStock customer services seems to be non existant! lol
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