Best method to promote (marketing) a new launched Designing business

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I'm going to launch a Designing Business next month and wanna ask what're the best methods to promote my new born business.
**Final purpose: earn targeted customers (I will NOT target customers finding low-costs product, more details, lower than $xx/item, so I'll appreciate if anyone suggest a way to exclude low-cost seeking buyers)
**Current idea: PPC campaign: Adword, Linkedin and Facebook ads. I don't know if advertising on Buysellads will bring better results (if so, what's topic/categories I should target and what's a good CPM you will recommend me?). I don't think target Designing-related sites would be a good idea since most of visitors will not get interested in high ticket products, anyway, just my own thinking.

PS: I'm looking for some real sharing/real experience from people doing serious business(NOT theory)
Thanks for your help!
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