Expired Domains GoDaddy?

by art72
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I have several domains, a few which have just recently expired with GoDaddy.

I contacted them to let them know, I'll be renewing in about 2 weeks, when funds permit. They explained that they do hold "my domains" for 19 days without penalty, but after that there is a reinstatement fee for each domain of $80.

However, out of concern for my domain being in safe holding, I did a search on GD, and it reveals my domain is in the GD auction, with a current asking bid of $250?

My concern is that one of my (expired) domains is a "twoword" .net, and the .org is in auction for $2,777 (with a reserve of $1,480 min bid)?

However, there are NO bids...

Is this some kind of scare tactic by GD?

If not, and someone does bid some 'stupid' amount of money, and I reinstate the domain (as I intend to) - does GD take a percentage of the sale?


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    I lost one important domain last year because forgot to renew (i was on vacation during that time for 17 days when their emails supposedly came in and missed them) they seem to be very hasty to take over the domains even it should be long time officially before lose your domain...
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        • All the expiring domains that are at Godaddy's public auction are still technically eligible to be claimed by the original owner. It's just that since over a month has passed with GD sending the original owner multiple reminders, there's usually only a small % chance that the original owner is still interested in their domain.

          Although it seems shady to be listing your domain, Godaddy might be doing you a favor. If someone purchases it for $250, make sure you swoop in and renew it, which prevents the bidder from taking ownership. No harm to you, and the bidder just confirmed that your site has value above the registration fee.
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    I think, it is automatic in their system. Once the domain has expired, it will be listed in their auction site.
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