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by anik73
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Hello guys. I am getting really good number of visitors to my site and now I just want to collect the email address of those visitors. How I can set up this email address collecting system of my site's visitors? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    You need an autoresponder to collect email addresses.
    There are many autoresponder services online.
    Aweber is a well known autoresponder company that has been around for a long time and many people use them including myself.

    When you set it up, you need to give something away that is of value for free in exchange for their email addresses.

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  • Anik73,

    Here's one method that you can try -- Offer something valuable like a digital info product or an application or instant access to your members-only content or a coupon / discount voucher for your other products / services, or anything that can provide your viewers with relevant added benefits. You can do this by:

    STEP 1. Create your offer...
    STEP 2. Read more about autoresponders and mailing list management plugins and so on, in order to choose (and learn how to use) the most suitable autoresponder or mailing list management plugin for you and your website...
    STEP 3. Configure your autoresponder and / or mailing list management plugin. Integrate your downloadable offer (along with follow-up email updates if you want). Place your opt-in box in a visible section of your website...

    That's it. Your viewers will need to enter their emails and confirm their opt-ins before they can get your offer...

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    make them subscribe with an offer or something -registration for example-.
    use an autoresponder to collect them
    use an email marketing company -do not use hotmail, google etc- so you can have the best possible results. if you use free email service providers, you will end up losing and destroying your list.
    i can suggest you some if you'd like
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    Originally Posted by anik73 View Post

    Hello guys. I am getting really good number of visitors to my site and now I just want to collect the email address of those visitors. How I can set up this email address collecting system of my site's visitors? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
    Is it in wordpress? There are some plugins there to help you set up an optin form in the sidebar. You'd need an auresponder though. I recommend Aweber.
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    As far as autoresponders go, MailChimp will give you a free account for up to 2000 subscribers.
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      You can set up a pop up when people come to you blog which prompts users to enter their email in exchange for you latest updates, news or gift. Link it into an autoresponder like aweber or getresponse. Then keep feeding your subscribers quality content.
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    Just a quick tip.

    When your subscribers opt in send them to a page that has the free info your offering (as opposed to a download). This way you deliver on your promise right away.

    Good luck

    I don't send traffic traffic to opt in pages anymore. I Do This instead...

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    • Step 1: Get an Autoreponder (pureleverage-cheap!, aweber or mailchimp)
      Step 2:Give them an offer they cannot refuse (ebook, bootcamp, newsletter etc) This offer is called a lead magnet and I call it also a sales funnel where the leads will follow my steps how i made myself succeed and let them know what tools and affiliates I personally use.
      Step 3: Have this offer sprinkled all over your content in your blog as natural as possible in relevance to your topic.
      Step 4: Repeat
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    Aweber seems to be the top choice for an auto responder. I use which is also highly considered.
    Having a opt-in form on the right side of every page is helpful along with a specific landing squeeze page that is only brief text (offering reasons for their sign up), maybe an eye catching image and the opt-in form. Drive traffic to that page for sign ups to build your list.
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    Aweber seems to be everyone's favorite.

    If you need more options though, you can check this list:
    Email Marketing Software Options

    You still have MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.

    As for how you can collect the email addresses, try to provide something of good value that they would not hesitate to subscribe using their email addresses.

    Neil Patel (the authority in digital marketing) does this very effectively. Check out his blog: Quick Sprout Blog by Neil Patel

    You will immediately notice how convenient it is to subscribe.
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    The most important part of the opt in process is going to be the offer. Before you even start setting up the form, have an idea in mind for what you plan to offer people in order to sign up with you.
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    You need to use an auto-responder.

    You can use or

    Signup to either of them first, and then in the back office there will be tutorials on how to set things up.

    If you never did this before and have no clue how to set up your auto-responder, the tutorials will help you a lot.
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    Sign up for a pro email marketing service like Aweber or get response most have free trials. After that create a web form for your list or campaigns, then paste that web form into the coding of your websites page. Make sure you offer an incentive to signing up for your list.
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    Mailchimp offers a free plan up to a certain number of subscribers, and then affordable plans with more flexibility if you're willing to shell out a little cash.

    I use mailchimp for all my sites and love it.
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    I personally suggest aweber for email marketing.

    If you're going to tell members to "check your sig" this is what they'll see.

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    Best Email Marketing and Email Collecting Service in my book is Even though they were down for 2 days not too long ago, Ive been with them for 7 years and the service has been great!
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    just saw your thread and sent you a pm
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    The key is to give your visitors something of great quality. If you give them a how-to guide, this is usually recommended and you will give them this for free.
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    Great question, also what you can do is, include a forward-to-a-friend on every page of your site. There are some excellect ideas on here that are going to be very helpful as well. Hope that goes well.

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    You need an autoresponder. Consider Aweber like everybody here said, and also Getresponse.

    Set the optin page on your site, drive visitors to your opt-in page, and have pre-written emails ready to go, so that the autoresponder can work itself. And of course... have something good to sell.
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    If you have a good number of traffic to your website, then your first task is to create an optin form for your website via Aweber or GetResponse and then set an offer. You'll be amazing to see the result and it is one of the way to building your list for FREE
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    You could 'force' people to become subscribers as per the standard sales funnel discussed, or you could invite them to sign up after they have already been given value. Depending on the niche and your needs, this may be preferred by you as a means of building your list.

    For example, visitor comes to a webpage to receive a paid or free download, no optin, but the thank you page they get after clicking for the download promotes a bonus free download, that does require an opt-in. If your funnel is not going to depend on list building, this could be a gentler way to add subscribers as an extra money center.
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    As others have suggested; if you're using Wordpress for your website then there are many plugins to get the job done. Connect the form with MAil Chimp, which has free tier that works great.

    You'll need to offer something for free in order to get better optin rate.
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    you should get a lightbox pop up for wordpress whereby a box appears after a few seconds and asks people to opt into your list. A decent plugin is pop up domination

    i'd also ad a static sign up box on your site too.

    if you're after more details on how to manage that list then just search the forum there are tons of great threads.

    i have some details that might be helpful in my signature link
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